Data Is A Critical Component In Industrial Businesses 

Data Is A Critical Component In Industrial Businesses 


When people think about industrial facilities, the impression in our heads is of large machines which are belching steam and smoke.  Our impression of industrial businesses was probably formulated from visuals that were created in the early 20th century when industry was far more crude then it is today.  Today’s industrial facilities are highly technical and are generally computer driven operations that rely upon data transfer in order to maintain their functionality.  Gone are the days with giant machines and men shoveling coal into furnaces, all having been replaced by racks of computers and data processors which served to provide the functionality of all aspects of these businesses.  In many instances the equipment that is  exposed at the end of the process are directly joined to these sensitive components which drive them.  Even though the electronic components are protected from exposure to the elements, this direct connection to the exposed equipment creates a vulnerability that can have a significant impact on operations.  Lightning strikes to exposed components are commonplace and are impossible to predict.  This means that companies must provide protection mitigation long before any incident ever happens in order to fully avoid the implications that can happen to the operation as a result.  The lightning strike to an exposed piece of equipment can have a ripple effect creating damage caused by the subsequent power surge that moves along data processing and power lines until it reaches the more sensitive equipment upstream.  This can cause damage not only at the strike point but also destroys circuitry which ultimately results in the loss of data which is critical to the process. 

Multiple fail safes must be put in place in order to keep industrial operations running effectively.  A plan must be put in place which will quickly and easily replace or repair any equipment which is damaged in the field, and systems must also be able to be restored to full functionality in a quick and easy manner with regard to the data necessary to this process.  This is why the most robust systems within many industrial facilities are the surge protection and data protection systems.  In order for these types of businesses to operate effectively, data which has been built up over time must be able to be accessed at all times.  If this data was lost as a result of a power surge which destroyed the circuitry within computerized components, the restoration to normal functionality is no longer limited to the replacement or repair of this equipment.  This restoration process then takes on the same types of challenges that a person faces when their computer crashes.  Repair or replacement of your computer may give you back the functionality that you need, however until you have replaced all of the data that drives this functionality, you will be compromised as far as the speed and efficiency with which you can do work.  Industrial businesses operate the same way only to a much greater degree, and one can see why data loss must be protected against in order to reduce costs. 

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