Data Is Critical, Protect It 

Data Is Critical, Protect It 


Surge protection devices that are installed in industrial facilities in order to provide protection for the equipment involved in the process are not only tasked with the protection of the physical assets.  The information which the company has stored over the years, allowing for more streamlined operations both in the current time as well as in the future, must also be protected.  In many ways, the data that the company stores provides the functionality with which the company operates.  The most simple case could be that if the company stores your name as a customer and information on a server to route their products to you, if your information is lost the company can no longer provide you with these services.  This will go on until the data is restored, even if the mechanical aspects of the process are repaired.  This is why surge protection is so critical within industrial facilities.  The ongoing operations can be restored to functionality with the repair or replacement of equipment, but in the cases where critical data is lost as a result of that equipment damage, the process of full restoration to functionality becomes a nightmare. 

The easiest way for the general public to understand “data surge protection” is to compare it to the loss of data on a computer or a cell phone.  Anyone who operates the computer for a lengthy period of time will sooner or later understand the pain of the crash.  If you have ever accidentally dropped or damaged your cell phone in a way that cannot restore the contacts, you also have experienced in mild form the loss of data.  In both these examples, the physical mechanism itself does not represent the total amount of streamlining of your life.  The computer or the cell phone are only the physical devices that access the data that you have put on them in order to perform certain tasks.  If those physical devices are destroyed and then replaced with new devices, you will quickly find that although the equipment may be new and functioning at its peak level, it is only as valuable as the data that has been stored on it.  Until you rebuild your contact list by physically dialing each and every phone number then re-inputting the name and other information into the system, even an improved and faster cell phone takes more time to access each phone call than it did previously. Another example is if you use your computer to create spreadsheets that you use for a business, each of those spreadsheets will need to be reconstructed in order for your business to return to normal.  When you magnify this issue, it can be better understood why it is so important to protect the data that is stored on company computer systems.  Not only are redundant backups of that data necessary in order to protect functionality, redundant surge protection devices and systems should also be in place to prevent the loss or interruption of service in the first place.  The loss of data can result in a complete and utter destruction of functionality within a business, and data surge protection can prevent it. 

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