Surge Protection Devices Improve Businesses

Surge Protection Devices Improve Businesses

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Industrial grade surge protection devices are also known as “SPDs.” These are specifically designed surge protection components that are installed between a power source and a device that could be damaged by increased electrical current flow over a certain point.  Most people are familiar with surge strips in their home which gave them the ability to plug this trip into the outlet and then plug your device into the strip.  These products act as a barrier in between a power surge that can elevate the level of electricity outside of the range of operational safety for your device.  Anyone who has ever been impacted by power surge has known the pain of loss of data as well as replacement costs for computer equipment. On the industrial level, the general operations work the same way, the only difference is that the stakes are significantly higher because of increased equipment costs as well as the fact that many of these facilities are providing goods and services that are utilized and depended upon by customers.  Operations are impacted by power surges in multiple ways, namely the destruction of the equipment that is critical to the process.  If this equipment is impacted by electrical overages, it will generally be destroyed at the circuit level or completely destroyed as a result of explosion or fire.  The only way to prevent this damage is to install surge protection devices in between the power source and the equipment that can potentially be impacted by the overage.  This equipment is generally interconnected through power cables or lines which transfer data between components.  Both of these are paths which electricity can flow through in order to reach the vulnerable equipment and overwhelm it.  Through the installation of industrial level power surge protection devices along these power lines, as well as at critical junction points, electrical overvoltages  that are expected to impact the business on a regular basis can be reduced or eliminated.  Because of technological advances over the course of the last few years in the power surge protection device market, we have now seen the development of devices which do not go offline themselves after the instance of a surge.  In the past, surge protection devices were rendered inoperable after they performed their duty, essentially being switched off and the surge protection component needing to be replaced in order to become operational.  This made facilities vulnerable to multiple lightning strikes which can produce multiple power surges.  Through the integration of “always on” surge protection technologies within the surge protection devices themselves, inclement weather which produces multiple lightning strikes to a facility now have less negative impact on the equipment inside.  The savings which can be seen as a result of these improved operations are realized not only in the reduced amount of repair and maintenance costs, but also in the streamlining of operations which keeps businesses online from longer periods of time.  Through improved surge protection devices, our businesses are able to make our consumer lives better every day.

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