Surge Protection Devices Help Reduce Costs

Surge Protection Devices Help Reduce Costs

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Industrial surge protection devices are improving people’s lives every day, and many people are not even aware of the extent of the impact that they have.  Surge protection devices are familiar to most people in their homes, where they regularly use surge protection strips in order to protect computerized equipment from damage.  Many people living in metropolitan areas have little to no experience with power surges due to the effectiveness of surge protection devices themselves.  While there may be power surges throughout the day that do make it into your home, few people will find extensive damage to their computers or appliances as a result of the effectiveness of the surge protection systems found throughout their home itself.  Your breaker box is a surge protection device in itself which ultimately cuts off the flow of electricity if it exceeds the range that is safe for appliances within your house.  The reason that people will generally utilize additional surge protection devices within the home itself is due to the fact that computerized equipment is more sensitive and more impacted by the surges that can make it past the breaker box.  Because circuitry and computerized equipment is especially sensitive, the extreme damage that can happen as a result of fires and explosions may not be the thing that impacts the most.  Instead, degradation of circuitry from minor power surges during the course of our routine day shortens the life of your computer equipment over time, and if the power surge is significant enough it can completely destroy your computer.  When you consider the differences between the residential surge protection device and the industrial surge protection device, we are basically discussing the same type of functionality.  The differences between industrial levels of surge protection and residential have more to do with the amount of equipment being protected and the costs of replacing that equipment.  In addition, the volumes of electricity that is being utilized within an industrial facility is generally far higher than a residential level.


Surge protection devices are installed in between the power source and the equipment, generally being placed alone power lines or data transfer lines that interconnect equipment within the facility.  The excess power that is generated as a result of a lightning strike to the exterior of the facility couples into these lines and is allowed to flow from component to component.  If this level of power is outside of the safe operational range, we will see damage happening as a chain reaction that will impact equipment which is located even far away from the strike point itself.  This Achilles heel can be reduced as far as the impact of power surges if technologically advanced surge protection devices have been appropriately installed at the critical junction points and along the power and data lines in a redundant fashion.  With the appropriate level of power surge protection in place, industrial systems have the ability to not only reduce costs caused by equipment damage, but also maintain a higher level operational integrity.

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