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Raycap exhibit at WISPA 2023

Raycap exhibits its portfolio of power protection, enclosure & ground cabinet solutions at WISPAMERICA 2023, March 6-9 in Louisville, KY

Post Falls, Idaho – March 3, 2023 – Raycap, a global leader in infrastructure and power protection solutions for the telecommunications sector, will showcase its portfolio of surge protection, power management, and cabinet solutions at WISPAMERICA 2023, hosted by WISPA, the professional trade association for the growing wireless infrastructure service provider industry.

The conference will be held March 6-9 at the Kentucky International Convention Center in Louisville, Kentucky. Raycap’s unique network infrastructure solutions for the wireless infrastructure service providers will be shown in Hall B, booth #709, alongside other hardware, software, and services exhibitors focused on growing the vibrant WISP industry.

Racap’s industrial surge protection products are designed to help customers’ systems perform with increased reliability, efficiency and safety. Raycap’s custom-designed concealment solutions and enclosures disguise and support the build-out of next-generation connectivity networks so they can effectively operate.

Raycap’s solutions offering on display at WISPAMERICA 2023 will include:

Telecom cabinets

Raycap will be showing its latest telecom equipment cabinets, including the RANE-227116-L Fiber Demark Ground Cabinet for AC and DC equipment and the RDIAC-2465-P-240-MTS Power Protection Cabinet (PPC) for AC equipment. The Fiber Demarc Cabinet offers a readily available and easily deployed solution that acts as a fiber demarcation point, housing routers and other active electronics. The compact PPC combines the main power disconnect, manual transfer switch, load center, surge protection (SPD), and cam lock generator interface into a cost-effective solution that saves floor space and installation time. In addition, Raycap’s Strokesorb® surge protective device provides electrical protection in both the AC and the AC/DC cabinets.

Power management and protection systems

Raycap’s surge protection will be on center stage at the show, including protection for AC/DC and PoE signals, inside some of its specialty AC and AC/DC disconnects, such as the RSD-EML-Z12MS-21NN, RSCAC-1333-P-240-DL, and RRYDC-6715-PF-48 power disconnect products. Raycap disconnects are available in NEMA 3, 4, and 4X rated enclosures, allowing indoor or outdoor installation at the base, on a roof, or tower top, and for use in harsh environments, depending on the product chosen. In addition, many AC units are rated Suitable for Use at the Service Entrance (SUSE). The AC and AC/DC disconnect products protect the power to a specific number of individual circuits per radio architecture and connection for a specific number of fiber pairs, depending upon the enclosure’s design. Raycap provides surge protection with its specialized and maintenance-free Surge Protective Devices (SPD), Strikesorb®, suitable for AC power or DC telecommunications applications operating at -48 VDC. Strikesorb is certified by VDE as a Class I SPD per the IEC 61643-11 and fully recognized to the UL 1449 5th Edition Safety Standard, suitable for installation in areas where induced lightning exposure is expected to occur. While onsite power connectivity equipment and its cabling can create complexity and take time to install, Raycap’s connectivity and protection solutions offer WISPs various choices to improve installation efficiency.

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