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Signal Lines and The Protection of Data

Raycap’s RayDat or ACData, brand surge protection devices, are industry standard devices used to protect electronic equipment that is attached to signal lines within industrial operations. One of the most significant threats to ongoing operations and profitability is the destruction or corruption of data housed within communications boards, which is necessary to maintain the functionality of the processes at hand. Nearly all industries and businesses rely upon data transfer in their processes, and if that data is lost or prevented from reaching its destination, then breakdown begins to happen. Protecting data and equipment that houses and transmits it is so necessary. This is why so many businesses trust Raycap to provide that protection. The devices are compact and easy to install, which is critical within most systems employed today. The installation of Raycap surge protection is an assurance against the destruction of circuitry that is critical the operation of businesses.

Signal lines are the connection pathway between equipment in the field that farms data and the equipment that relies on that data to function. Data is transferred via signal lines and flows across them to and from the communications hubs and computers. Unfortunately, this same pathway can also be used to damage the equipment if electrical surges outside of a safe operational range are allowed to make their way to sensitive equipment. One of the leading causes of overvoltage events comes from inside the factory via equipment switching on or off or from grid-side surges that will occur if something externally happens to the power lines, like a lightning storm or damaged power line. These external events often trigger massive spikes in electricity traveling along the power line. If they are not stopped, they can quickly move along connected lines above or underground and enter factories, facilities, and office buildings. Once inside, sensitive communications boards can be easily overwhelmed and damaged by these levels of electricity, resulting in the corruption or loss of data. Lightning does not need to strike something directly for the surge to make it into the system. In fact, much surge damage is caused by induced surges resulting from the strike or grid-side occurrence and couple upon cables or lines leading into any number of facilities. The levels of electricity from a lightning strike are so great that even an indirect strike can still deliver a critical dose of overvoltage. These threats from natural sources are in addition to switching errors or other electrical spikes that can also deliver a harmful surge. Any of these phenomena are essentially bad for businesses if they are not protected against, as they all can create outages regarding data delivery and the time necessary for restoration. Downtime is never good for business.

The protection of power and signal lines and the associated, connected equipment comes through effectively installing surge protection along the pathways that electricity can travel. Suppose these pathways can be blocked against electricity outside a safe range while still allowing electricity within a safe range to pass. In that case, the ideal situation is possible. Of course, no system is entirely foolproof, but integrating Raycap surge protection devices will help your facility be as protected as possible.

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