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Introducing RadomeEvo: by Raycap

Post Falls, Idaho – February 22, 2023

Raycap, a global leader in infrastructure and power protection solutions for telecommunications and other sectors, has introduced RadomeEvo, the newest evolution of its popular multi-part smooth concealment radome. The new design upgrades and strengthens connections and improves the longevity of the existing multi-part smooth radome design. Available in StealthSkin® material, the products are RF-friendly and easy to install.

From the initial deployment of Raycap’s STEALTH®-designed radomes in 1997, Raycap products were designed and engineered to meet the ever-evolving needs of the wireless providers and local communities where they’re installed. The RadomeEvo is the evolution of Raycap’s in-demand multi-part smooth radome design and is compatible with all 4G and 5G radio technologies at sub-6GHz frequencies. New vertical PVC reinforcement stiffeners increase rigidity and allow the material to hold its shape better. In addition, the UV-stable woven nylon straps have improved to include quick-release buckle connections that enable easy and secure installation and removal, eliminating the potential for loss and the need to have extra straps available and stored on-site. At the same time, the design also allows for easy visual inspection of the strapping from the ground.

“To implement better cellular coverage and gain the benefits of the newest technologies, many more concealed sites are being installed on existing and new poles, rooftops, and on building sides to provide closer proximity to user devices and propagate signals efficiently,” says Apostolis Sotiriou, VP Telecom Sales for Raycap. “As with all Raycap product lines, RadomeEvo is engineered to work with the wireless industry’s most advanced technologies. It is targeted to provide the durability and functionality demanded for this application.”

  • Fabricated from RF-friendly StealthSkin
  • Suitable for concealment of all sub-6GHz frequencies, including C-band
  • Easy to install
  • Available in multiple sizes and diameters