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Communications Board Surge Protection

Raycap’s RayDat or ACData, brand surge protection devices are specialized to provide the highest levels of defense against damage caused by electrical overvoltage in data protection applications. One of the common challenges among companies that rely on data to provide functionality to their business processes is that even minor power surges can corrupt or put valuable data at risk. Equipment used to farm data is positioned in large data centers separated from other buildings and almost always at risk of being exposed to power surges or outages due to lightning strikes. These strikes can inject unsafe electricity levels into systems directly and indirectly through lightning striking nearby and coupling onto power lines feeding into the data center. Once that extra electricity has entered the electrical system, it is often provided with a perfect pathway to the communications board’s most sensitive component. This circuit-driven piece of equipment is directly connected to other components in the system through “signal lines,” cables designed to transfer data from place to place. These cables can allow higher levels of electricity than is safe to move along them, ultimately exposing the equipment and putting the sensitive communications controller board at risk. Even a small power surge can cause enough data corruption to create slowdowns, and a total data loss can cripple a business that relies upon it for functionality.

Signal line surge protection has been developed for this reason. These compact devices are easy to install, and when placed at signal lines, they can provide a barrier through which unsafe levels of electricity cannot move past. Installing such devices will protect all equipment positioned downstream, especially the communications board. High levels of protection can be achieved through robust signal surge protection devices positioned to prevent power surges within the system from reaching sensitive equipment and perhaps causing data corruption. While no surge protection system is entirely foolproof, signal protection from Raycap, coupled with power line surge protection installed at the service entrance, does provide a high level of protection for power, signal, and data lines and peace of mind for operators.

Profitability for most businesses depends on maintaining the most extended operational times possible while reducing the need for equipment repair or replacement. By eliminating the pathways that electrical surges from lightning or switching errors can travel upon without control, companies can dramatically reduce the amount of equipment repair necessary over time. Putting adequate protection in place will also increase the time that systems function properly, ultimately increasing the company’s profit margins. The investment into data or signal surge protection devices as a failsafe and data protection method is rarely debated by anyone as a cost-saving method, as “flying without a net” can never be considered good business practice. The protection costs are greatly outweighed by even a single instance of critical data loss and the necessity of repairs. In many cases, the complete loss of data without the ability to restore it can cause enough damage to threaten the very life of the business itself. Prudent enterprises protect their data.

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