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Protection From Overvoltage

Protection From Overvoltage


Industrial sites need to be protected from electrical surges with overvoltage protection devices and systems.  Raycap’s offerings for overvoltage protection are comprised of components which are of the highest industrial grade, for example the unique Strikesorb and SafeTec surge protection technologies.  Strikesorb offers the ultimate level of protection for the entire facility by providing service entrance protection, while Safetec is deployed at feeder panels inside the facility to protect the critical and sensitive equipment inside including computers and data microprocessors, as well as any other devices connected to and powered by an electrical grid.  Power surges produced by lightning strikes carried by the grid or by switching transients produced by equipment inside the facility itself, as well as other types of overvoltage events, are some of the most common and costly issues faced by industry when it comes to equipment damage and replacement.  It is only through adequate overvoltage protection (OVP) that these costs can be avoided.

Overvoltage is an exceeding of the regulated flow of electricity to a component, the limitations of that component being defined by a specific threshold that cannot be breached without damage.  OVP devices continually monitor electrical flow and are activated once a critical level is exceeded.  The installation of both localized and remote OVP protection is the best chance for companies to avoid damage to equipment inside an industrial facility.

Any failure within the power supply will cause brief spikes in current flow.  These spikes must be met with instant recognition by OVP equipment, then immediately drawn down or completely diverted in order to prevent equipment failures, equipment losses and explosions or fires.  Both transients and non-power supply failures like programming or user errors will also produce the same damaging effects to equipment.  Reliability and life span can be negatively impacted by these events, which is why transient voltage surge suppression TVSS should also be considered to produce a more complete protection system.

Internal equipment switching causes most extreme cases of overvoltage events inside facilities.  Raycap OVP protection systems are considered to be some of the most advanced and sophisticated electrical protection on the market, and are utilized by countless existing customers globally.  Smart operators understand that protection against damage that can come without warning and at any moment is the only viable method of reducing repair and replacement costs to exposed equipment that is expected to have an ongoing impact of weather.  While it is nearly impossible to create a perfect system that will see no impact whatsoever by overvoltage events, Raycap technologies installed with redundancy will provide you with the most advanced level of protection that can be had.  It only takes a single instance of power surge to cause irreparable harm to both your equipment and your business if delays and interruptions occur because of power outages.  Contact Raycap today to learn more about keeping your systems safe and secure with our surge protection technology.