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Overvoltage Protection

Overvoltage Protection

Raycap is a leading designer and manufacturer of electrical overvoltage protection devices and systems for use within industrial sites. The protection systems developed by Raycap use industrial-grade components, such as the patented Strikesorb SPD technology, which enable unmatched levels of protection of critical, sensitive equipment within the industrial site. This vulnerable equipment, such as computers, microprocessors and other devices powered through the electrical grid would be damaged by lightning strikes and other overvoltage events which produce power surges coming from the electrical grid or from inside the industrial facility itself.  The protection technology inside of Raycap’s products prevents damage occurring from varying overvoltage and surge causes, and is designed to prevent any electrical surges from coming into contact with equipment.

Overvoltage events are more common than lightning strikes within industrial sites.  Overvoltage itself is defined as the current flow of electricity to a specific component being raised over a critical, defined threshold which is known to potentially damage components within the attached system.  The overvoltage protection (OVP) devices continually monitor the flow level of electricity, and activate when that flow level is exceeded.  The superior OVP protection offered by Strikesorb has a high short-circuit current rating, enabling flexible installation and integration. The technology enables low let-through voltage and provides an optimum protection level which keeps sensitive equipment safe.  The installation of this localized OVP or remote OVP provides greater protection against circuit damage and data loss.

The reasons for overvoltage events are numerous.  Failures within the power supply can cause brief and damaging spikes in current.  These spikes must be recognized instantaneously and drawn down or diverted from the equipment in order to avoid fires, equipment loss and data failures.  Other forms of electrical events include transients and non-power supply failures such as user errors caused by incorrect programming, shorts and switch errors.  In all of these events, the brief increase in electrical levels past the safety threshold is caused by distortions of the sine wave which changes its shape, causing problems with equipment. This type of electrical overvoltage can cause a long-term negative impact on the reliability of electronics causing failure of critical equipment, including the UPS and other power back up systems. Transient Voltage Surge Suppression (TVSS) should therefore be considered as part of a complete overvoltage protection solution.

Overvoltage events caused by lightning strikes are the most severe and difficult to prevent as this type of strike must be prevented through the use of different systems.  Overvoltage as a result of a power spikes related to direct lightning strikes on power lines, or coupled by a strike into a structure, will cause severe power surges that can be detected and drawn away from equipment through devices installed between the lines and the equipment itself.  Protection against a direct strike to equipment is done through installation of overhead shields installed between the lightning and the equipment, in order to prevent the strike to the equipment itself which would cause irreversible damage and potentially fire.

The overvoltage protection systems offered by Raycap are some of the most sophisticated electrical protection solutions in the world and will provide industrial installations with the finest electrical protection available.  For more information about Raycap’s OVP products and solutions, contact our representatives.