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Introducing RaycapSTAX™

Raycap Releases New Modular Topper to Support Growing Demand Among Top Network Operators

The standardized products, dubbed RaycapSTAX™, are stackable to maximize site flexibility.

Post Falls, Idaho – May 31, 2023Raycap, a global leader in infrastructure and power protection solutions for wireless telecommunications, has introduced a new line of modular pole toppers available for partially and fully concealed small cell poles. The new design accommodates various radio types and antennae housed on top of Raycap small cell steel or existing wooden poles in a 4G/5G cellular network. The new RaycapSTAX product line provides flexible options that facilitate ever-increasing 5G and next-generation network buildouts.

Market research by MarketsandMarkets™ indicates the 5G infrastructure market is expected to reach a value of $47.78 billion by 2027 with a compound annual growth rate of 67.1%.

“This product launch answers the demand we are seeing from our wireless network customers,” said Kelly Richards, Sr. VP of Sales at Raycap. “As the industry gets more complex and with real estate at a premium, solutions that support various configurations and allow expansions as the network grows are incredibly important.”

The stackable topper line is available in different diameters: 16″, 18″, or 22″. Stacks of up to three RaycapSTAX modules per pole are possible, enabling operators to design their topper configurations depending on the active equipment needed at the location. Concealment material options are also flexible and include traditional StealthSkin® radome material and InvisiWave®, Raycap’s specialized 5G mmWave-friendly concealment technology. Many color options are available.

RaycapSTAX includes stackable equipment bays constructed from structural steel and aluminum following American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) standards, all equipment mounts, adapters, caps, InvisiWave leaves, or fully constructed StealthSkin radomes needed to complete the installation.

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