Can Your Business Sustain A Data Loss?

Can Your Business Sustain A Data Loss?

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Even though they are figured into most business plans, losses of any kind are generally viewed as setbacks which are best avoided.  Even if your business plan factors in a certain amount of loss every year as a result of a wide variety of circumstances that are generally both unique to a business as well as generic, business owners would rather figure out ways to minimize these losses by any means necessary.  There are improvements to system functionality and additional equipment that is developed by independent manufacturers every year which is specifically designed to address flaws within existing systems and help them function in a more streamlined fashion.  The manufacturing world is one of continual improvement on elements that currently exist, making them better to drive down costs or improve production.  One of the most significant losses that happens to many businesses on a regular basis is data loss as a result of power surges.  The same thought process that exposes businesses to potential data losses exposes individual people, that is essentially making decisions to not install data protection as a result of either the lack of budget or a lack of information that data loss can happen at any time.  Just like you, many businesses simply exist without the knowledge of the effects that data loss can cause them, because it has not happened.  Just as your computer can crash at any moment and wipe out all of the information that was housed on it previously, you will be unaware just how important that data is to you until you no longer have access to that data.  For businesses, this data is many times critical to the ongoing operations or the growth of the business itself.  The sudden and catastrophic loss of data can set businesses back significantly, ultimately causing more economic loss than even the replacement of the equipment itself.  While it might cost a fixed amount to replace a specific electronic component, the costs associated with the restoration of business functionality when data cannot be recovered is far more difficult to quantify.  As a result of this threat, smart business owners will employ the most elaborate data loss protection systems that they can afford.  The bare minimum of these types of systems will be redundant backups of the information itself, but far better systems will also protect against the root causes of the data loss itself.  A perfect example of this is the installation of surge protective devices within the system so as to prevent damage of crucial components during a power surge.  Through the installation of these surge protection devices, the primary cause of data loss is more effectively avoided by simply avoiding the damage to the equipment which is it is housed within.  This type of protection creates a larger scale savings of both time and money within the business and can ultimately improve the ongoing business functionality over time, resulting in a better operating business itself.

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