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Data Surge Protection

Is it important to protect your data? Of course it is, and most people today will employ some kind of data protection system that will allow them to not lose too much information in the case of some sort of computer malfunction. Many times, data loss occurs as a result of power surges, which can be attested to by anyone who has ever had their computer destroyed by a surge to their home. Most people who operate a computer that stores important documents or data will employ some form of backup or surge protection, even if it is in the form of a surge strip or another low cost device. Essentially, having something to help protect your information is better than having nothing. Now imagine that same situation only the computerized equipment that utilizes that stored data costs millions of dollars. Sin this case surge protection in order to provide a more secure data storage system becomes paramount.

Most industrial installations in almost any genre of business will use some form of computer equipment in order to streamline their operations. If it is necessary for this equipment to be placed in the field in order to be integrated into the ongoing operations, then it is at risk of damage as a result of weather, and especially lightning strikes. While weather may cause physical damage to the exterior of components, which can be protected with more robust enclosures, housings and other precautionary measures, lightning strikes are another story. A lightning strike causes physical damage at the strike point, but brings with it a power surge that causes far greater amounts of damage to the circuitry of components. The power surge utilizes the data transfer cables and the power lines that typically keep equipment running, only in these cases it allows far more electricity than is capable of being handled to flow across the circuitry. This causes internal damage and potentially even greater data losses. When losses are figured into a business plan, the repair and replacement of equipment can pale in comparison to the magnitude of loss due to data not being to be recovered. This type of loss will not only hurt the business immediately, but can also cause customer falloff and loss of confidence, which will have farther reaching implications than simple repairs to components. Smart business’ know that losses as a result of customer dissatisfaction can have a far greater impact on the bottom line.

Protection against these types of losses starts with data surge protection devices (SPDs) being installed within systems, and in as many places as possible so as to protect the components from a strike to a variety of areas, as well as the surge that will follow it. SPDs need to be installed redundantly in the case that one fails or is destroyed by the strike. The best industrial SPDs should be utilized to provide the greatest levels of protection possible. It is not just your equipment that is at risk, it is also your business.