Can Surge Protection Devices Stop Global Warming?

Can Surge Protection Devices Stop Global Warming?

Climate change is real and it is happening. Even though debates are usually framed with the question “is climate change real,” what is actually being debated is not the reality of any change in climate. Any quick research into weather patterns and ocean temperatures prove that there is a progressive heating up of the planet occurring. The actual debate is if mankind is to blame and if there is anything we can do to change the current path. Some of the answers may be found in the energy production industries, where this debate is clearly located. Proponents of alternative energy production methods argue that fossil fuel burning causes enough damage to the environment to warrant extra costs. Proponents of traditional power production methods argue that the minimal damage to the environment that pollution causes is not worth the added costs that consumers would need to pay. The resolution of the debate would be found if the alternative production models were both cleaner and cheaper. As the alternative energy production methods become more efficient, this day is rapidly approaching.

There are two main criticisms of alternative energy production methods, first that they cost more than traditional ones and second that they cannot produce enough reliable power to sustain large communities. Both of these are as a result of flaws in the systems and inefficiencies as a result of these flaws. Since there is no cost for the fuel sources of sun and wind, the costs of production are found in the equipment necessary to keep the systems online. The fossil fuel production method is simple, burning coal, wood or oil in order to turn turbines and generate electricity. Alternative systems are more complex and use computerized components that are easily damaged, but are critical to maximize efficiency. The flaw is found in the fact that these types of systems must be located in remote or unobstructed places, ultimately making them prime targets for damage by lightning strikes.

Lightning is impossible to prevent, and lightning strikes are nearly impossible to reduce. The advancement of nearly all industrialized business systems involves the protection of the equipment and the lengthening of its expected life span. Built into any business model is the expected life span of the equipment used, and the potential rates of damage and needed repairs. These costs are built into any business plan, and will ultimately result in the prices consumers pay. By reducing the damage as a result of lightning strikes and keeping the systems functioning for longer periods, cost estimates can be brought down and the amount of power that can be produced goes up. This is being accomplished through the development and integration of more robust and technologically advanced equipment at these sites, including industrial surge protection devices. Through the integration of these improved products, the predictable life spans and outputs of systems can be recalculated over time to reflect the improvements. This will result in lower consumer prices for electricity and an effective end to the debate over which power sources and systems to invest in. Surge protection devices may have an impact on climate change as a result of driving costs down.

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