Lightning Surge Protection Devices

Lightning Surge Protection Devices

Industrial surge protection is a key factor in determining profitability in both existing and emerging industries today. As investments in equipment necessary to operate in an increasingly technological world become greater, the need to protect that equipment also becomes more crucial. While new industries were born within a technological age and have never operated in a different way, even older industries are feeling increased pressure to computerize in order to compete with competition. Simply put, there is almost no industrial business today that does not operate with some level of technological involvement, and all of those businesses need to cut costs to compete. One of the most obvious methods of reducing expenses is to prolong the expected life span of the expensive equipment, which ultimately adds to the bottom line by going beyond the point where it would be expected to be replaced. Continuing to function past an expected and predicted point provides additional revenue, and methods of creating this extended life situation are to the benefit of any business seeking lower operational costs. This is where industrial surge protection devices do their work. They exist soley for this purpose, as well as to keep the systems they protect online and functional. Surge protective devices are integrated into these facilities at a cost that is always lower than the replacement cost of equipment that may be damaged by power surges.

Integration of surge protection into industrial facilities that are exposed to the weather is critical, largely because of the potential for lightning strikes. Damage to equipment at the strike point itself can be very intense, but unseen often is the extended damage that happens as a result of the subsequent surge of electricity caused byu the lightning strike. In these cases, the very connectivity setups that provide operational capabilities to these components work against them, copper power and data lines act as conductors for electricity and enable the surge to reach each piece of equipment located along the path. Cables that are designed to allow for electrical flow suddenly allow for too much electrical flow, and overwhelm the circuitry of the attached components. When these circuits and transistors are damaged, the components need repair or replacement and the systems will generally be taken offline until that time. All of these situations work to erode the profitability of the company, and potentially harm future business through loss of customer confidence. The prevention of the situation is the only logical defense, and the integration of the most advanced surge protective devices available is the only way that modern companies can stay ahead of their competition and Mother Nature.

Raycap is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and distributors of highly advanced surge protective devices. These are the SPDs of choice of many major companies and industries ranging from telecommunications to green energy or renewable energy production industries. The unifying element among this diverse group of operators is the need for protection against lightning related events and routine power surges. In a modern and technological age, the business that can protect itself the most effectively is the one who will survive.

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