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The Future Of Climate Change And Surge Protection

The concept of climate change involves the earth becoming progressively more unstable as far as weather patterns, resulting in higher high temperatures and lower low temperatures. In addition, we see the oceans becoming progressively warmer and storms becoming stronger and more frequent. Even a few degrees difference from the norms can cause large scale upheaval to our ecosystem, and create difficulties for life on earth. The pattern of increasing weather instability may or may not be related to manmade issues, and as a result there are two camps of people, each defending a different side of the debate. One side holds that climate change is a result of factors like pollution and greenhouse gasses created by the continued operation of systems that destroy our atmosphere, and the other claims that the damage caused is minimal enough to ignore. Neither side claims there is no pollution being created, and instead they disagree on the amount of damage that pollution causes and what can be done about it. Proponents for fossil fuels argue that the costs associated with a switchover to alternative energy models are not worth the amount of damage the pollution causes.

In essence, this is a discussion about money and how much people are willing to spend in order to assure a cleaner atmosphere. Public support tends to skew towards the less expensive solutions as long as the damage is not able to be immediately perceived, which is what the fossil fuel industries rely upon. People simply do not want to pay more for something that they are reliant upon, even though they realize that its manufacture does cause a certain amount of atmospheric damage. The solution to this issue is found in the lowering of production costs of energy, and at the same time increasing efficiencies within those systems. By bringing down costs and increasing capacities, we end up with the logical support skewing towards alternative energy models, because they are cleaner and cheaper.

In order to understand how this can be achieved, we first must understand the costs involved in alternative energy production models. There is no cost for the fuel sources as they are found in natural occurring things like wind and sunshine. The costs of production are found in the equipment necessary for the process, and the repair and replacement of that equipment. The elements are a major threat to many solar and wind farms, and inclement weather can cause much damage. For example, lightning strikes to the installations produce damage at the strike point and also reverberate through the system in the form of a power surge that will damage any component connected to the strike point. This means that since lightning cannot be eliminated, we must concentrate on the reduction of the residual damage as a result of the avoidable surge. This is accomplished through the integration of advanced surge protection devices from Raycap, which serve a function of preventing surge related damage as well as keeping systems online during peak hours. Through the widespread integration of our products into alternative energy production models, there is a potential reduction in pollution and damage to the environment caused by the competing systems. Raycap surge protection devices have the potential of creating bigger profits as well as a better planet.