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VDE-certified surge protection with integrated pre-fuse

New product for electrical panel installation enables space-saving in cabinet installations

Garching, 22. September 2020 – Raycap, an international manufacturer of electronic components for surge protection, connectivity and monitoring, presents the third generation of its ZPS phase-tap arrester series. Due to an integrated back-up fuse with 25 kA short circuit resistance, the ZPS+F is even easier to install and takes up less space than the predecessor models.

After Raycap presented the first generation of ZPS arresters with phase taps last year, the ZPS product series innovations continue today. As with the previous generation, the new ZPS+F can be plugged directly onto the busbar of the 40 mm system and, because of its compact design, can be easily installed in all distribution cabinets between two SH switches. The ZPS+F supplies the voltage supply for a gateway via its phase tap, without the need to expand the busbar system for a separate phase tap. A new feature is the particularly uncomplicated and therefore fast wiring. Thanks to an integrated back-up fuse with 25 kA short-circuit capability, the separate back-up fuse and thus the wiring from the SPD to the fuse is no longer necessary. This makes the ZPS+F a two-in-one solution.

Raycap has also further simplified the wiring to the gateway. The enclosed wiring set makes the ZPS+F a practical plug-and-play solution for installers. The elements can be used directly due to the corresponding cable length and the specified connectors. Cutting and crimping of the different cable lengths is no longer necessary. The installer has only to unpack the arrester, place it on the busbar without the use of tools and wire the direct path to the gateway or modem.

The ZPS+F is VDE tested and certified for the protection classes Type 1+2+3. This provides the necessary protection against direct lightning impulses, overvoltages as well as protection of the terminal devices against overvoltages, for example the modem and the gateway in the pre-counter area. In addition, the surge protection can be integrated into the monitoring software of smart homes via optional telecommunication contacts. This makes it possible to always keep an eye on the status of the surge protection.

“In the further development of our ZPS series, we wanted to increase the opportunity to save space in the cabinet on the one hand, and to further simplify the installation on the other. The two-in-one solution ZPS+F with integrated back-up fuse enables us to achieve this. Thanks to VDE certification, end customers and installers can be sure that the protection of the connected infrastructure against damage caused by surge events is always guaranteed,” explains Ralf Güthoff, General Manager Lightning and Surge Protection at Raycap.

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