The Future For Alternative Energy And Surge Protection Devices

The Future For Alternative Energy And Surge Protection Devices

Most people will recognize the importance of alternative energy production methods like solar and wind power. Even those who are opposed to a widespread rollout of alternative energy methods will generally not be opposed to its development from anything expect a monetary standpoint, due to the fact that at the current time,  its use will cost consumers more than if the same power was produced through fossil fuel. The discussion isn’t whether or not the generation of power using free and clean fuel sources is a good thing, but instead how much people will pay for it. Unfortunately, this is what has stagnated its development over time, that those in power choose to align themselves with antiquated industries simply because it costs less at the moment, without consideration that the development of the technology itself will drive down prices.

The costs associated with alternative energy are found in equipment used in the process.  The wind and sun are free, and the real costs that are necessary to be covered by consumer pricing models are found in start up costs and in the repair and replacement of equipment. Wind farms and solar fields are generally found in remote locations and are unobstructed by larger structures. This is done on purpose in order to maximize the wind and sun that can be harnessed for the process, but it also opens the facilities up to lightning strikes and other weather-related damage as a result. When lightning strikes a component that is exposed in a green energy production facility, a surge of power travels along all connected lines from the strike point. This surge can damage attached computers and data processors that are critical to the functionality of the system, necessitating their repair before systems can be returned to working order. Costs are compounded in this regard, reducing surpluses of electricity that can be made using the free fuel sources while they are available and also increasing the operational costs. Reduction of this damage improves the functionality and drives costs down at the same time, resulting in lower prices that consumers must pay for power.

The development of better surge protection devices is not generally funded by government programs that alternative energy development rely upon to further their technology. This means that the private sector and companies like Raycap are leading the charge towards a cleaner world simply through the development of better products for our customers. As our surge protection devices and systems become more robust and technologically advanced their integration into alternative energy production facilities drives down consumer costs. The result is a cleaner planet that may be able to curb climate change simply by trying to save money. When a solution is both cleaner and cheaper, there is almost no argument against its widespread implementation over existing dead technology. Raycap is disrupting the systems and solving the issues of inefficiency within global power generation industries with or without the support of government funding. We are changing the future on our own.


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