Surge Protection For Renewable Energy Sources

Surge Protection For Renewable Energy Sources

Renewable energy sources are not only important to our planet’s future, they are important to its current state as well.  For many years, the fossil fuel industry has dominated the market.  Using government lobbying tactics as well as misinformation campaigns, they have created a situation where the public has little knowledge of the real benefits of renewable energy, believing instead that it is just a more expensive alternative to fossil fuels, and that there is no permanent environmental damage being done.  In reality these statements and beliefs can be proven false, and are being pushed forward as a means of protecting profits at the expense of the public both environmentally and economically.  It is important to understand the current state of renewable energy production methods as compared to those of fossil fuels, in order to determine if a more widespread adoption of renewables is beneficial.

Renewable energy production methods are those that use a fuel source that is not destroyed by the process of generating electricity.  Fossil fuels of all types are burned in order to turn turbines, thus producing electricity as a result.  This process has costs that are both seen and unseen.  The costs of harvesting the fuels themselves depend on the difficulty and the limitations on supply, determining a price that must be paid by the power production company for the fuel source itself.  Additional costs involved in the process are the unseen “soft costs” as they areless easy to determine and involve the expenditures associated with environmental damage and disease as a result of air, water and soil pollution.  Because these costs are not generally figured into the prices that must be paid to the production company by consumers, the fossil fuel industry appears to be able to produce a less costly product.

Alternative energy production methods do not burn a fuel source to turn turbines.  Instead the resources like wind, sun and water are harnessed in creative ways to produce that same electricity product that is a result of fossil fuel production.  The fact that there is no associated cost to the fuel source, and any environmental impact or pollution, the costs absorbed by consumers are limited to the process itself.  Because these processes use high tech equipment that is easily damaged in the field by exposure to the elements, including wind, sun, rain and lightning, the repair costs associated with keeping the systems online and functioning make up the bulk of the cost that needs to be covered by consumer bills.  At the current stage, these repair costs are totaling higher amounts than the costs associated with fossil fuel production.  While the processes are superior and produce a more favorable environmental outcome, they still remain more expensive to consumers.  This can change dramatically through the widespread integration of technologically advanced devices Which can protect the sensitive, mission critical equipment in the field. Raycap’s protection and connectivity solutions for renewable energy processes deliver a higher level of protection than any other devices on the market, and enable the lengthening of the life spans of equipment connected to the process.  By extending these life spans and keeping systems functioning for longer time frames, the costs are pushed down.  This creates a situation where alternative and renewable energy is cleaner and cheaper and from that point forward there is no reason to debate the issue.

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