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How Street Cabinets Benefit The Telecom Industry

The telecommunications industry is very “equipment reliant” and there is an ever increasing amount of technological components involved in maintaining the day to day operations.  The sheer volume and expense of this equipment prevents many potential players from even entering the market effectively, and creates difficulties with regard to competition for those companies that play in the telecommunications infrastructure space.  One of the primary drags on profitability is the fact that much of the equipment that is involved in the process of telecom connectivity is installed in exposed settings, making it susceptible to damage from a number of potential sources.  Natural phenomenon like weather will produce large amounts of damage to unprotected equipment in a short time in cases like lightning strikes or over longer periods in cases like ongoing degradation as a result of moisture.  Unnatural phenomenon like vandalism can destroy expensive equipment in a matter of seconds.  No matter what the threat, the telecommunications industry’s best defense against damage to exposed equipment is an “outdoor active cabinet” or “street cabinet.”  These devices are heavily reinforced enclosures constructed from materials like aluminum that will not conduct electricity in the case of a lightning strike and surge, while still providing enough ventilation and heat reduction capabilities to prevent enclosed equipment from damaging itself through ongoing use.  The challenge of creating a robust cabinet that can withstand the elements and natural threats must be tempered with building a cabinet that will not cause overheating, and Raycap has developed some of the finest designs in the world.

Raycap street cabinets are manufactured in such a way that they protect internal equipment from the elements, provide adequate heat exchange and ventilation, and also utilize innovative sealing mechanisms that will prevent moisture and rodent penetration.  Rodents seeking safe spaces for nesting create millions of dollars of damage every year, either through their own destruction of wiring while seeking nesting materials or the penetration of moisture into the cabinets as a result of their tunneling.  Prevention through adequate sealers at weak points where wiring enters the cabinet structures is crucial to prevent this ongoing threat.  The use of a variety of grommets, configurable splitting high density foam blocks and cable glands produces the most robust defense against rodents available, and the use of surface resistant to ozone cracking and LSZH cable guides allows for less internal degradation of components if a moisture breach occurs.

The best defense on the telecommunications industry in order to protect investment and extend equipment life spans is a good offense.  This means pro-actively preventing damage from sources both known and unknown by building the best cabinets on the market.  Raycap street cabinets are created with the same attention to detail and desire to utilize the most advanced materials available to create a line of defense between the sensitive equipment housed inside, and untold threats that present themselves each day.  Contact Raycap today to find out more about our advanced street cabinet solutions, and reduce your ongoing expenditures for equipment repair and replacement tomorrow.