Solar Surge Protection Devices

Solar Surge Protection Devices

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Green energy produced through solar farms is one of the most important developments in the last 50 years for the replacement of our existing antiquated fossil fuel power generation systems.  But solar farms which use photovoltaic (PV) systems to produce their clean energy – used by both consumers and industrial customers –  have the potential for serious physical damage to their installation construction.  Solar farms need to cover vast areas of land without being obstructed and require direct sunlight which needs to be gathered on the faces of the solar panels.  While wind, rain and generalized exposure to the elements is going to produce a certain amount of wear and tear every year, the  replacement costs are always increased by damage as a result of lightning strikes.  Due to the exposed nature of the solar panels themselves, it must be expected that a certain amount of replacement will be necessary due to lightning directly striking the panels, or having the subsequent surge as a result of an indirect strike couple into the system.  The expectation of total loss at the strike point generally goes without saying, but methods to reduce the amount of downstream damage that is caused by the power surge can be put in place that will reduce repair and replacement costs over time.  Both types of lightning events produce electrical surges that are far greater than inverters and circuitry can process without damage, and only through the installation of surge protective devices at and near locations, as well as at other strategic points in the power chain can real protection be realized.  The solar surge protective devices that are created and manufactured by Raycap utilize technology and components that are far more robust than standard industrial or residential devices.  These more robust products can function without impact from larger levels of the short circuit surge, even in instances where typical surge protection devices are destroyed by the incident.  Even though an old expression says that “lightning never strikes twice”, this can actually far from the case.  Storms which produce lightning will almost always produce multiple strikes within a region, and a surge protective device which is destroyed after the first incident leaves the system vulnerable until it is reset or replaced.  Raycap technology allows for solar surge protection devices to remain functional even after multiple strikes and surge instances, thus protecting the equipment and keeping the photovoltaic system online and functioning even during the most inclement weather.  With these specialized surge protective  devices installed at junction boxes and inverters, the operators of solar farms will enjoy the highest level of surge protection available against the surge generation and damage.  Systems can be kept online and producing power for far longer periods of time, and the savings that will be found as a result of reduced repair costs will positively impact the bottom line and allow for greater levels of profitability and streamlined operations.

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