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RF Protection Devices And Systems

The most popular industry term which accurately describes the devices and systems which are designed to shield and keep the radio frequencies utilized in several industries operational is “RF protection.” This critical operation is most crucial within the cellular communications field, where the modern base station transceiver equipment relies upon uninterrupted radio frequencies in order to maintain ongoing operations. Radio frequency protection is the only line of defense against significant losses of revenue that occur when lightning strikes remain unmitigated.  The lightning strike causes damage in several ways, the most obvious is the damage to equipment which can happen with a direct strike. Other damage occurs when the electricity surge following the lightning strike flows along coaxial data lines as well as standard power lines.  These surges can overwhelm the equipment and produce damage at the circuitry level.  The damage is also found within the connectivity lines themselves due to the fact that coaxial data lines are not able to handle the same level of electrical flow that standardized power lines can.  The damage to the lines themselves is only one level of the damage produced to the system, because these lines are invariably connected directly to  communications equipment.  Only through the design and manufacture of products which will protect against the surges in spikes that occur as a result of lightning strikes can the data failures and outages that are so destructive to cellular systems be mitigated.  The secondary loss of customers as a result of communications outages and spotty service is difficult to quantify but must be factored in as well.  Customer dissatisfaction is not able to be mitigated through the excuse of equipment damage as a result of lightning strikes.  Customers only care that their connectivity is not what they expected at all times.  The losses that are found as a result of this kind of fallout and far outweigh the losses as a result of equipment repair.

The technologically advanced RF protection devices that are manufactured by Raycap not only protect against the transients themselves, but also electromagnetic pulses caused by lightning strikes.  When a strike happens to a nearby power line or directly to one, a steep rise in electric fields happens within of microseconds after the initial strike.  These fields produce voltage pulses of extremely high levels which will easily travel through any unprotected antenna or transmission line which is connected to the primary communication equipment.  This can result in outages as well as data loss which will directly impact customer satisfaction rates.  The happy customer base is maintained through the ability to connect as well as the strength and clarity of the signal.  Any failure to take protective steps in support of RF signal protection exposes the business to operational issues as a result of outages as well as equipment repair.  If critical data is lost as a result of the lightning strike, it very well may spell disaster for the provider who is maintaining the network.