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Raycap | STEALTH Announces InvisiWave, its Engineered Solution for 5G mmWave Concealment

The new concealment material provides the industry a path forward to conceal 5G mmWave small cell applications.

Charleston/South Carolina USA, April 22, 2019 Raycap | STEALTH has announced its new patent-pending solution, InvisiWaveTM for use in the concealment of 5G mmWave small cell sites. With the new solution, the concealment of 5G sites can be achieved. Prior to its release the industry had struggled to achieve a mmWave solution which could hide the radios / antennas without affecting performance.

Fabricated from a heavy-duty, RF friendly material, Raycap’s STEALTH InvisiWave products are capable of covering and hiding mmWave radios attached to street light poles, on rooftops or other structures, without interfering in radio performance. The material has been thoroughly tested to identify beamforming impact, from sub 6GHz frequencies up to 52GHz bands making it backward compatible as well as future proof, and has been approved for use on 5G networks by major U.S. operators. It is available for both STEALTH radomes (pole toppers, pole shrouds) and panel solutions (rooftop, screen walls, chimney concealments) for new site builds and retrofit projects.

Universally applicable in 5G environments

For the next generation of wireless deployments, small cell sites featuring 5G mmWave radios (28 GHz + 39 GHz) are going to be more widely installed for network densification purposes. When placed in a community’s right-of-way, full or partial concealment solutions may be necessary to hide the radios within a pole or other structure. Raycap’s STEALTH concealments using InvisiWave will help with city approvals and can speed up the deployment process.

“The availability of this groundbreaking new material will help carriers build out their 5G networks more quickly and effectively,” explains Kelly Richards, Raycap Senior Vice President for Telecom Sales, North America.

About Raycap

Raycap is a global solutions provider with sales and operations throughout Europe and North America. The company manufactures infrastructure, connectivity and industrial surge protection products for telecommunications, energy, transportation and other industrial applications. In June 2018 Raycap acquired STEALTH® Concealment Solutions, the founder of wireless concealment. Its telecom concealment solutions are marketed under the STEALTH brand, while surge protection brands include Strikesorb®, SafeTec and ProTec. For more information, find us on the web at www.raycap.com  and www.stealthconcealment.com

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