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PV Surge Protection is the Answer to Greater Capacities

Solar Power’s Capacity: Challenging Misconceptions and Reliability Concerns

One of the biggest criticisms of solar power generation is that it cannot single-handedly power a large metropolitan area without the added assistance of a fossil fuel backup. There is too much consumption of power happening in these major metro areas for solar power generation techniques to satisfy. There is a logic that says that, as a result, solar energy cannot be trusted as the only method of electricity creation. Those who benefit from the fossil fuel production methods use this messaging to convince the public that there is no way that solar or green technology can power major cities, with the ultimate goal of keeping their existing power generation methods in place.

Fomenting a mistrust of technology to solve issues is a way to curtail the spread of technological advances. The truth is that solar power could generate enough capacity to power major metro areas without assistance as long as it is functioning at full capacity. This situation relies upon the solar power equipment staying online and functional for as long as the sun is present during the day and not being taken offline by ancillary events that create outages. The downtime limits the production of power in most solar farms, and that downtime is often created as a result of weather events such as lightning strikes. A strike to the exposed solar panels creates damage that can be repaired relatively quickly.

Mitigating Lightning Strikes for Enhanced Reliability

However, the lightning strike’s power surge is more insidious, adding to the system damage and making repairs more difficult. With every lightning strike comes a massive surge in power that travels along the connectivity cables that join panels and the control equipment. This electrical surge then destroys the circuitry of those devices, adding to the amount of cost that must be spent on repair and the downtime that will be seen between strike and full restoration. Every second that is lost from production creates less power that can be consumed by the public, meaning that the real problem isn’t the ability to produce enough power. It is the ability to stay online while accessible fuel sources are present. We find that these capacities can be vastly increased by integrating high-tech surge protection for PV systems, as the damage can be limited.

By integrating these surge protection devices along the critical pathways, electricity can flow, and the damage to the equipment can be minimized if not completely avoided. This requires only the panel itself to be replaced to fully restore functionality, drawing a far larger capacity for power production out of each PV system. The use of effective surge protection can minimize damage and ultimately maximize the capabilities of PV power to the point of it easily powering a major metro area. The eventual replacement of fossil fuel power will come as civilization moves closer to utilizing the full capacity of PV power plants.

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