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ProBloc B 1000 DC

Securing direct current applications: New overvoltage protection from Raycap

New Surge Protection Device “ProBloc B 1000 DC” addresses e-mobility applications, among others.

Garching/Munich, 8. April 2019 Raycap introduces ProBloc B 1000 DC, a new overvoltage protection for DC applications. With the new solution, numerous systems in the growing electro mobility market (e-mobility) can be protected.

E-mobility often uses technologies such as fast charging or battery storage systems, especially with DC applications. This requires dedicated arresters with corresponding extended safety requirements, such as larger air and creepage distances. Since the DC voltage, in contrast to the AC voltage, does not have a zero crossing, resulting electric arcs cannot be automatically extinguished. As a result, fires can easily occur.

With the new ProBloc B 1000 DC, Raycap offers a product that is UL Type 1 CA certified and future-proof for a large number of DC sources. Its main features include a compact design and an innovative disconnecting device with a rotating mechanism that can be used to safely extinguish a switching arc. Due to the high self-extinguishing capacity, a prospective short-circuit current of 50kA can be separated, for example as caused by battery storage.

Universally applicable in the e-mobility environment

Due to its combination of Type 1 and Type 2 arrester, the new SPD can be used universally for e-mobility applications as lightning or surge protection. The nominal discharge current (8/20 microseconds) of ProBloc B 1000 DC is 20kA per conductor, the pulse current is 6.25kA per conductor. In addition, ProBloc B 1000 DC offers safety up to 1,000 volts of permanent operating voltage. To ensure that insulation monitoring is not disturbed, it is advisable to use a leakage current free arrester – this is also guaranteed with the new product.

The protection level <2.3kV also ensures the protection of a fused electric vehicle: cars with such a drive require a rated surge voltage of 2.5kV. Thus, if correctly wired, the SPD also protects the electric car to be charged. As proven, an appropriate color display provides convenient information on the status of the product. Thanks to an integrated telecommunications contact, evaluations can also be carried out from remote locations.

“Both rectifiers and inverters should convert the voltages with as little loss as possible. However, since these components react very sensitively to overvoltages, they also have to be protected with appropriate protective elements,” explains Ralf Güthoff, who is responsible for general management at Raycap GmbH. “Otherwise they can be pre-damaged, which significantly shortens the service life of the components and thus entails high follow-up costs. With ProBloc B 1000 DC, Raycap offers a corresponding solution.”


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Raycap is an international solutions provider and manufacturer of telecommunications infrastructure products for broadband and mobile networks, as well as industrial electrical protection systems, with operations throughout Europe and North America. Raycap employs more than 1200 people at eight facilities worldwide and has its own test laboratories and a strong R&D Division. Products are certified according to national and international standards. Telecom concealment solutions are marketed under the STEALTH® brand, while surge protection brands include Strikesorb®, SafeTec and ProTec. For more information, find us on the web at www.raycap.com

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