Operational Savings Through Surge Protection Devices

Operational Savings Through Surge Protection Devices

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Industrial facilities operating all over the world benefit from surge protection devices being installed within their systems every day.  As a result of these benefits, customers who utilize the services and products that are produced by these facilities also reap the rewards.  Most customers have little to no knowledge of the critical nature of surge protection devices, or the impact that their technological advancement has on their lives.  Industrial surge protection devices work much the same way that residential surge protection devices do, essentially operating as a barrier between electricity which has exceeded a specific amount and components which rely upon a regulated flow of electricity to remain operational.  Nearly all equipment that is utilized in almost any system has an operational safety range with regard to electricity.  If the flow of electricity exceeds a certain amount, damage at the circuit level will be expected, and total destruction is possible as a result of explosions or fires.  The equipment which is utilized in nearly any industrial facility is at-risk due to the specific physical makeup of industrial facilities themselves.  They are often remotely located ands as well are often some of the tallest structures in a region.  They are generally constructed of metal or other materials that have the ability to conduct electricity effectively, so they are in effect magnets for lightning.  Equipment which is used in a production or manufacturing process is housed within these facilities and is more often than not interconnected by cables that allow electricity to flow across them.  A lightning strike to the exposed components of a system or to the facilities and structures that house these components not only produces damage at the strike point but also allows for an extremely large power surge.  This surge of electricity will typically have a significant impact on all equipment that it is allowed to come into contact with, as it is far outside the range of safe operations.  Industrial surge protection devices that are installed previous to electrical or electronic equipment have the ability to cut off the flow of excess electricity or divert it to ground away from the equipment.  This gives the operators the ability to potentially reduce the amount of expected damage that occurs as a result of lightning strikes regularly.  In addition, through the installation of technologically advanced surge protection devices that have the ability to remain continually operational even after the surge instance, industrial facilities have the ability to either remain online or be restored to operations with less downtime.  These improvements over traditional surge protection devices give the industrial operators of the world the ability to not only save money that is typically expected to go towards repair and maintenance, but also to keep their facilities producing the products and services that they are expected to produce with more regularity.  This streamlines operations and creates a better situation for both operators and customers every day.  Through the operational savings that surge protection devices are producing, prices for consumer goods and services are driven down creating a better world for all those involved.

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