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Lightning Surge Protection

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Within both existing and emerging industries today, industrial surge protection plays a pivotal role in determining profitability.  Because of increasing the costs associated with the purchase of equipment necessary to maintain operations in an increasingly technological world, the need for protection of that equipment becomes more critical every year.  New industries that have been born within the technical age have always faced these types of challenges, but even the modernization and computerization of older industries illustrates the need for protection if businesses are to compete.  There are almost no industrial businesses operating today that do not have a technological element, and all these types of businesses are also in need of cost reduction plans in order to maintain their competitiveness.  The most obvious way to reduce expenses is to prolong the lifespan of the equipment used in the production process, adding to the bottom line by reducing both maintenance costs associated with replacement as well as the costs of purchasing new equipment.  If equipment can be made to operate beyond the expected and predicted lifespan, the situation becomes even more positive.  Industrial surge protection devices exist for this sole purpose, to extend the life span of equipment utilized in a wide variety of industrial processes.  Surge protection devices which are integrated into facilities that have the danger of damage as a result of power surges will almost always cost significantly less than the costs associated with repair or replacement of damage to equipment.

The integration of surge protection within industries that utilize equipment that is exposed to the weather is crucial, mostly due to the ongoing threat of lightning strikes.  The damage to equipment at the strike point is generally an absolute loss, but this is complicated and magnified by damage that occurs downstream as a result of the subsequent surge of electricity caused by the strike itself.  This surge of electricity easily travels along copper power lines and data transfer cables, and is able to reach additional components which are attached either directly to the components damaged at the strike point, or even indirectly by being mounted within the same framework to where the strike took place.  Anything that power can travel along becomes the potential pathway for the power surge to impact downstream equipment, and only through the installation of technologically advanced surge protection devices can these routes be interrupted.  While the maintaining of an ongoing and stable power supply is necessary for operations, variations of that power level that move outside of the safe operational range cause damage at the circuit level for computerized equipment.  This impacts the bottom line of the business because of the repair and replacement costs but also due to the outages that will be caused when systems fail as a result of individual equipment failures.  Through the integration of surge protection devices, these damaging instances can be mitigated and isolated to the point where the strike itself took place.  Integration of surge protection devices in combination with other lightning deterrents can protect the bottom line of almost any business more effectively.