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Leveling of playing fields through surge protection

The green energy movement is being watched not only by those interested in reversing greenhouse damage to the environment, but also by those who are simply “economically” aware.  This means that while some may monitor the current state of renewable energy sources with an eye towards how “green” sources of energy like wind and solar can reduce emissions, others are simply looking for a way to reduce their power bill.  People who are not activists or passionate about climate change may not necessarily be for or against any one source, but simply supportive of the cheapest methods of energy production for the masses.  This group cares mostly about the fact that the lights go on when they want them to, and that the bills associated with that power are affordable.

One of the more exciting aspects of renewable energy sources is that  technology can be leveraged to make them more efficient.  While the industries that utilize fossil fuels for production have used the same methods of power generation for decades, and are showing no interest in change because they have no price competition, green energy companies seem to be more interested in technological innovation.  Wind and solar power production is growing more efficient every year through technological advances, and surge protection is one of those areas that offers an ability for new energy producers to realize cost cutting benefits.

Through the installation of industrial grade surge protection equipment within the solar and wind power generation systems, maintenance costs and downtimes can be reduced.  While the repair and replacement of equipment directly struck by lightning will continue to need replacement, the replacement of connected equipment directly damaged by the subsequent power surge can be mitigated through improved surge protection devices.  An important technology breakthrough was the development of an industrial grade surge protective device (SPD) which is capable of withstanding the surge levels produced by lightning, while continuing to protect the sensitive attached devices that control the system.  The ability of these devices to not only protect against multiple lightning surges, but to enable the equipment to also stay online and functional without downtimes, is a significant breakthrough.  Now the wind and solar industries have the ability to stay online for longer periods of production time, prices for the power they produce can be reduced to a level of even competition with the fossil fuel industries.  For the first time in history, consumers will be able to make a choice that is not only good for the environment but also for their wallets.

Raycap is the developer of the revolutionary Strikesorb line of surge protection devices.  These devices are not only the highest level of industrial grade available, but also never need resetting or replacement.  Strikesorb keeps power production plants online, and will change the world for the better as a result.