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Cutting the costs of renewable energy

Over the past decade, countries all over the world have been embracing renewable energy technologies for many reasons.  Renewable energy does not require a source of fuel to burn in order to produce power, which ultimately provides any country embracing a green energy future with power that can in theory be generated with little to no cost. Additionally it reduces the amount of greenhouse gases emitted into the environment, and is thus less hostile to the environment upon which all creatures depend. Opponents of renewable energy will nearly always argue that green energy costs more than fossil fuel production to setup and maintain.  Ultimately, the different sources of power have costs that are nearly even, with the one derived primarily by the fuel costs, and the other derived primarily by equipment costs.  The playing field has been narrowing for many years as the technological advancements in green energy provide better performance and equipment lifespans.  Recent advancements in the surge protection industry have also been helping this, making it entirely possible for the first time in history to produce wind and solar power less expensively than traditional methods.

Advancements in the surge protection device industry from companies like Raycap provide the renewable power industries with products that not only offer superior electrical protection, but are also maintenance-free.  This is good news for the clean power industry because of the amount of sensitive mission-critical equipment and circuitry needed to operate these industrial applications.  Many people do not understand that lightning strikes are some of the largest sources of damage to industrial applications of all types, and the subsequent surge that follows a strike travel through connected power lines, overloading attached equipment.  When this occurs, checking, replacement and/or repair of equipment attached downstream from a strike is often needed.  With today’s industrial surge protection equipment and systems offered by companies like Raycap, far less surge damage can be assured.  Raycap’s revolutionary Strikesorb line of surge protective devices (SPDs) does not need replacement after a surge, keeping the systems online for more extended periods of time.

It is typical to expect system outages after a lightning strike, as many conventional SPDs installed protect the connected equipment by breaking the circuit and thus stopping the flow of electricity before it can do harm.  These devices are then “spent”, sitting dormant until a technician replaces them. When this happens the entire chain from the windmill or solar panel to all the controlling equipment is rendered dormant as well, producing no energy.  With Raycap’s Strikesorb devices installed however, these facilities will stay online even after a lightning strike, so that surpluses of energy can be effectively produced.  In addition, these devices are capable of withstanding multiple lightning surges without the need for replacement and without degradation to the surge protection device, enabling continual uptime and lessening maintenance and repair costs.

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