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Industrial Surge Protection Systems Are Critical To Productivity

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When one thinks about the damage that is associated with a lightning strike, the typical person will think about explosions and fires at the point where the lightning comes into contact with a structure or a component.  Naturally, businesses that are at risk of a lightning strike due to their generalized placement or their natural setups, are going to need to install protective measures against these instances or risk catastrophic loss of business equipment.  Most industrial businesses realize that they are targets for lightning strikes due to the fact that they are located in remote areas or feature the tallest structures in the region.  Additionally, many industrial processes will utilize metallic elements that are a natural attractant for lightning.  Most businesses will take steps to protect the critical equipment utilized in their processes by housing it inside of protected spaces.  Lightning strikes to the outside components of industrial facilities are common, but are generally dealt with effectively through the use of overhead shielding and grounded air terminals over the structures.  This attracts the lightning to itself and effectively routes the power surge to ground instead of having it interfere with the internal systems or equipment.  The damage as a result of strikes to the external portions of buildings is actually a rare occurrence due to the effectiveness of these types of protective systems.  The damage is usually seen in the form of degradation of the sensitive electronic equipment that is utilized in the process, as a result of a local strike to outside areas producing a surge that couples into connectivity lines.  The power and data transfer lines that connect equipment that is used in industrial processes is an Achilles heel, allowing power surges to enter into connected equipment systems that are even great distances away from the strike point.  The best way to mitigate damage associated with these types of surges is the installation of technologically advanced surge protection equipment along the lines that interconnect these components.  In addition to inline surge protection, it is a good idea to install redundant surge protection devices along any parallel or straight line transfer point that could allow power to flow to a power line.  It is important to realize that the magnitude of the surge that is produced by lightning strike is so great that it has the ability to flow along surfaces that provide any conductivity at all.  Businesses must be careful to not ignore any potential entrance point of the power surge associated with a lightning strike nearby.  Adequate surge protection must be installed at any potential entrance in order to provide enough protection against the lightning strikes which can occur at any place and that any time.  Luckily, surge protection equipment like Strikesorb technology manufactured by Raycap is able to not only provide the highest levels of surge protection, but also to remain functional even after a surge instance.  This allows the systems to potentially garnish higher uptimes and remain online and producing for longer periods of time.  Productivity failures and damage to equipment can be avoided through planning.