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Industrial Facilities And Surges Produced By Lightning

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Surge protection and lightning protection may seem to be the same thing, but they are slightly different.  Surge protection itself can be defined as the utilization of devices and systems in a way which protect sensitive equipment from power fluctuations.  Lighting protection also involves surge protection but includes systems and methods which will divert lightning strikes from happening to a facility or structure.  The damage as a result of lightning can be found in multiple manifestations, the most obvious being the explosion and fire damage that happens at the strike point itself.  Lightning protection provides systems that will attempt to divert the lightning strike to an area where it will not create damage, and will also allow for a routing of the subsequent surge to ground in a safe manner.  Overhead shields and air gaps are forms of lightning protection that will be positioned either over a structure or around it, being positioned at a taller allocation than the structures which are at risk.  But positioning lightning attractants at these higher points, you can create a situation where the lightning has a better chance of striking these objects than the surrounding ones.  In high risk areas, a combination of lightning protection and surge protection devices can give you the edge as far as reducing the damage that can be seen in an instant when a lightning strike happens.

Surge protection devices that are installed throughout industrial facilities have the job of protecting the downstream equipment against significant power fluctuations.  Lightning strikes can produce power surges which are significantly larger than any surges that are produced internally or as a result of grid failures.  By installing surge protection devices throughout the facility at specific points where the flow of a power surge might occur, can allow for the entire power flow to be cut off or drawn down instantaneously.  This will help to protect all of the equipment that is connected further down the power chain or communications stream.  These pieces of equipment are generally joined together via power cables or communication lines along which the excess power produced by a lightning surge can easily flow.  Through the installation of technologically advanced surge protection equipment, the systems not only have an ability to be protected against damage, but can also maintain equipment up time after a strike or surge instance.  This is important for industrial facilities who are engaged in the business of producing a product or service that the public consumes.  Uptimes are important with regard to the productivity of the business, and if uptimes are interrupted by safety measures kicking in and shutting down power flow, customers become more upset and potentially consider other options.  This can especially be seen in the cellular markets where customers have come to expect connectivity 100% of the time.  Through technologically advanced Strikesorb surge protection devices from Raycap being used within the lightning protection and surge protection systems, damage can not only be avoided but uptimes can be extended.  Contact Raycap to find out about these devices.