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Industrial Surge Protection Applications

Raycap is a leading manufacturer of industrial AC, DC and signal line surge protection technologies, which are designed to be more robust and advanced than consumer surge protection devices.  While the function of preventing electrical surges from traveling through power lines to equipment that can be damaged by an overvoltage event is the same in both consumer and industrial applications, the higher protection levels afforded to the industrial installations are necessary to protect both investment and system functionalities.  An industrial application may involve hundreds of millions of dollars of equipment that is interconnected by copper cable, and the services that they are producing may be of vital importance to millions of people.  Needless to say, industrial applications have far more at stake when it comes to the protection of mission critical equipment.  For this reason, they must feature the most advanced technologies available.

Primary installations that are in need of advanced industrial surge protection devices are those that are mission-critical, such as wind and solar power facilities, hydroelectric production plants, cellular towers and networks, dams and railways.  These examples all share key elements in common, that they are networks of components that are both extremely sensitive and expensive. As well,  they are relied upon by masses of people for uninterrupted service.  In the cases of green energy producers like solar farms and wind farms, the remote natures of the installations as well as the inclusion of components which are the tallest within an area makes them magnets for lightning strikes.  These strikes to the  exposed components create a power surge which must be interrupted before reaching the attached electronic systems. This is typically accomplished through a break in the circuit.  This interruption of current must then be physically restored by a technician through maintenance, which takes the system offline during crucial parts of the day when it could be producing power.  An example of how the latest technological advances assist industrial applications of these types to better service the community is that Raycap’s Strikesorb products are maintenance free, thus allowing the facilities to stay online and producing for the maximum periods that the fuel source is available.  While the protection of the equipment is crucial, equally important is the maximization of uptimes, which Raycap’s products accomplish.

In the cases of cellular systems and towers, interruptions in service caused by surge protection devices breaking the power current that supplies the equipment is experienced as “no service available” on networks.  This situation can range from an irritation and loss of customers to a dangerous situation where cellular service can save lives.  The equipment involved in the process of giving a simple cell signal through a tower to a customer has become increasingly complex and expensive as data transfer demands increase every year.  The costs that can be associated with a lightning strike to an unprotected cellular tower can be massive.

The industrial surge protection technologies developed by companies like Raycap not only improve service levels for consumers while driving downs costs, but also work to create a safer world where technology can be used to further the betterment of lives.  Raycap is proud to be part of this exciting industry.