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Changing the game in electrical surge protection


The electrical surge protection market has gone through a technology evolution over the past decade, leading to the development and distribution of devices that are far superior to previous generations.  With regard to industrial-grade surge protection, this evolution is even more dramatic than the residential market because of the rapid advances and pervasiveness of electronic devices in today’s industrial settings.  The new breed of SPDs for industrial applications are far more robust than they were in the past, and have now even evolved to the point of not needing to be replaced or reset.  This evolution would have taken place over time anyway as technology provided new materials and advancements, but the sheer need for more advanced protection devices on the industrial level supercharged this technology progression.  Industrial applications have become more advanced and therefore more expensive to install and maintain, and as a result the extension of the lifespans of the equipment involved has become crucial.  This is where companies like Raycap have played a key role in advancing the surge protection industry for the changing world.

Industrial applications have grown more technologically advanced out of consumer demand.  Cellular networks are rapidly changing and have vastly expanded coverage, data transfer speeds and connectivity.  Energy producers have been called upon to provide alternative energy by harnessing the power of wind, water and the sun.  All industries share a common threat in the form of electrical surge damage as a result of electrical power anomalies coming from the grid-side, and from lightning events. Today’s energy producers are looking to companies like Raycap to provide the most advanced surge protection devices in the world, simply to protect their ever-growing technology investments.

People who make their living in the wind and solar power industries understand the threat that electrical surges pose to their sensitive systems.  Due to the exposed and remote nature of many of the physical installations, weather activity plays a continual role in the underlying business.  Generally being in remote locations and often having the tallest structures in a surrounding area makes lightning naturally attracted to the structures, and damage is frequent.  While most may believe that a lightning strike itself is the issue, and it certainly can be, a more insidious problem is that of the generated surge.  The electricity from the lightning surge travels through connected power lines from the point of contact to the last piece of connected equipment.  In many cases, this can involve millions of dollars worth of computerized machinery and data processers, along with sensitive circuitry and other equipment.  The damage as a result of a power surge moving through the connected equipment can cost millions in replacement costs and loss of productivity.  Each moment that industrial applications are offline equates to loss of revenue, and as a result uptimes are paramount.  Raycap’s revolutionary line of Strikesorb surge protective devices not only are more robust than traditional SPD technology and designs, but also are virtually maintenance-free, providing longer uptimes, saving money needed for replacements, and cutting the costs associated with routine maintenance.  By driving down costs and increasing uptimes, Raycap is playing its part in supporting business in a changing world.