Industrial Surge Protection and Residential Surge Protection

Industrial Surge Protection and Residential Surge Protection

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While the concept of surge protection and the devices that perform these tasks is most easily understood by the public from the standpoint of how surge protection applies to the residential market, the residential and industrial markets are quite different from one another, as far as the design and makeup of the devices used. The residential surge protection devices are generally found as surge strips which are purchased at electronics stores and are designed to provide a thin layer of protection which shields sensitive computer equipment as well as data processors from the electrical transients that occur within the electrical delivery process all the time. These residential devices are installed to protect home computerized equipment against transients that are not large enough to trip the circuit breakers that act as the main barriers of protection. They are designed to protect against ongoing degradation of the circuitry due to small fluctuations in power. This degradation over time will shorten  the lifespan of the equipment, and protected equipment, when studied in mass shows much longer lifespans than unprotected equipment. Circuit breakers themselves cut off the flow of electricity at the service panel entrance, and surge suppressors cut off the flow from the point where an actual connection of equipment is made to the wall outlets. Industrial surge protection devices are far more technologically advanced and are tasked with protecting equipment that is both far more expensive as well as more critical than most anything found in a typical household. They’re also built to be more robust because many times the industrial installations position equipment in exposed areas which make it more susceptible to exposure to inclement weather damage.  Because the sheer flow level of electricity required by an industrial application is so much more, industrial surge protection devices must also be able to handle far larger capacities than a simple surge strip. At home equipment can be shut down and offline for lengthy periods of time, but industrial systems can generally not be offline for very long before losses start to mount. This is why a heightened level of protection is so necessary and is also why a no maintenance surge protection device like the products that are offered by Raycap are so critical at maintaining system functionality as well as overall protection. Because up times within industrial systems are necessary in order to keep the daily lives of users operational, systems are not given the ability to simply be shut off through a cut off of electrical flow as a precaution. Instead, it is expected that these higher-level devices will both protect the equipment downstream an also allow systems to either remain online during surge instances or only be offline for small periods of time that act as minor irritations to customer bases instead of deal breakers. Businesses rely upon their customer bases in order to continue operations, and customer base is rely upon businesses to provide them with the critical function that they are hired for.  Both rely upon surge protection equipment to keep systems running and ongoing prices and fees reasonable.

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