Even Residential Systems Need Industrial Surge Protection Devices

Even Residential Systems Need Industrial Surge Protection Devices

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Everyone needs industrial surge protection devices, even residential customers. This statement may seem a little confusing because the differentiation between residential and commercial surge protection devices is not readily known. A typical consumer would look at an industrial surge protection device and probably be confused by what they were  seeing. The typical surge strips that are marketed to the residential consumer are obvious in their configuration, and they are easy to understand as they act as a place to plug a device into, with the other end plugging into the wall. This barrier of protection in between your sensitive computer or other electronic equipment and the wall outlet acts as the final barrier against surges and transients within the electrical system that happen all the time. The residential surge protection system is relatively easy to comprehend. The large scale power supply attaches to your home where it is regulated through a circuit breaker box. When these circuit Breakers are in the on position the power is allowed to flow through and to the residence.  If the power that is flowing changes and reaches a level that is deemed to be unsafe, the circuit breakers are tripped cutting off electricity until they are manually reset. Because the breaker system will allow for certain levels of fluctuation to happen that are not enough to trip the breakers, yet more than enough to damage the sensitive equipment connected to the wall outlets, we install a secondary level of protection in between these devices and the power source. These additional surge protection devices will function much the same way, tripping and cutting off power flow outside of a certain range, but at a range that is simply tighter than that which is controlled at the breaker level. Damage to computers and circuit driven equipment can happen in two forms, the first being a large scale power surge which destroys the circuitry completely and the second being small fluctuations that happen in a typical way and that can degrade the circuitry over time. While these same types of damaging effects happen on the industrial level, the need for more robust and technologically advanced surge protection devices at that level is necessary in order to protect equipment that is far more expensive and critical to daily life than your simple household computers. Because of this necessity to provide higher levels of protection, various methods of control are utilized by different devices which are specifically designed to perform tasks at a level which is far higher than is necessary within the residential market. A good example of this are the  Strikesorb SPD devices manufactured by Raycap which do not need the ongoing reset that would be necessary to restore power and functionality at a residential breaker box like discussed above. These specialized devices not only protect against the power surge but also maintain their status through the incident without the necessity for human interaction in order to restore their own functionality. These types of added technological advancements keep online many systems that are critical for modern life.

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