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Electrical Protection and SPDs

Raycap is a leading manufacturer of SPDs, also known as “surge protection devices.” While the primary focus of the company is on the industrial markets, the unique technology developed by Raycap also has an applicability to the residential markets as “whole house” surge surge protectors. The product lines that are produced by Raycap are more robust than most commercial surge protectors that are sold at home or department stores, although the methodologies that are used in order to protect sensitive devices from electrical surge damage are similar. The idea behind surge protection is to install a device in between any equipment that can be damaged by electrical transients or surges, and the source of that electricity. These devices can be installed mid-line, at junction boxes and at electrical panels. The devices are designed to allow only a particular level of electricity to flow through them before cutting off that flow and diverting it to an earth ground. This prevents a voltage level which would be damaging to the equipment from reaching the circuitry of such equipment downstream, instead cutting off that flow.

The primary difference between the technologically-advanced SPDs that Raycap produces and competing devices is their ability to perform their duty, even after surges, without the need for replacement or resetting. A typical commercial SPD using conventional technology will normally be destroyed by the surge it has prevented. This technique keeps industrial equipment offline until the time when maintenance can be performed and/or surge protection replaced. Raycap’s Strikesorb technology allows its SPDs to remain functional after a transient has been prevented, sometimes going as far as to continue to allow electrical flow to a live system and reducing downtime to almost zero. The devices do not need to be replaced as they are constructed using a patented technology that is capable of withstanding the intensity of an electrical surge produced by a lightning strike, which is a common occurrence near industrial installations. The performance levels of Strikesorb allows for not only a protection of the physical elements of components within an industrial facility, but also a protection of the business by extending typical uptimes.

Maintaining the online status of industrial systems is especially important to industries like alternative energy, and telecommunications.  Within the wind and solar industries, exposed windmills and solar panels are targets for lightning strikes which create large amounts of electrical surge damage to the attached equipment. The uptime of alternative energy systems is also quite important for creating surpluses of energy produced using free fuel sources. The telecommunications industry relies on surge protection to keep replacement and maintenance costs down, as well as to keep their customers satisfied with continual network uptime. In an industry where continual connectivity is key, there is little room for error or downtime.

Raycap is a leading provider in the field of AC surge protection, and their products are of a quality standard that is called upon by thousands of customers worldwide. Their products protect everything from single-family homes to the largest of industrial systems, and chances are they are protecting something important to you right now.