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Designing Multi-Carrier 5G Small Cell Poles for a Busy Metro Location

It’s not easy to design concealed 5G small cell poles that meet everyone’s requirements, including the carrier, integrator, municipality, and utility. Read how we helped make that happen for one busy Northeastern urban environment.
Raycap partnered with a top-tier integration company to design, manufacture, and install small cell poles along the waterfront in Weehawken, NJ. Starting with understanding the location constraints from the partner and carrier perspective, Raycap’s engineers configured all the electronics and radios inside the concealed small cell poles for reliable, upgradable 4G and 5G service that also met requirements from the city.
Together, Raycap and the integrator saw the process all the way through manufacturing and installation. Now these concealed poles provide 5G service along a bustling New Jersey city by the Hudson River. Challenge met!