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Combination Disconnect Enclosures From Raycap

Combination Disconnect Enclosures From Raycap

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5G small cell sites are dramatically increasing in number year to year. In 2019 there were 154,000 small cell sites and by 2026 there are expected to be 800,000 small cell sites. This rapid growth rate is due to the increasing demand for 5G services in every area, and the additional benefits that go along  with 5G. But to get there, the infrastructure needs to support the special issues with 5G. Primary among these is that 5G small cell sites need to be closer together (generally under one tenth of a mile apart) than 4G equipment, typically installed on the taller “macro” cell towers. 5G signal propagation distances are shorter and ultimately this translates to the need for 5G nodes in densely packed areas to be closer together and lower to the street level. Carriers are faced with not only the issues of rolling out enough small cell sites to create an efficient network, but also the integration of these nodes into the existing environment without creating an eyesore. The best solution is the use of lighting poles with the support equipment integrated into or on them, with antennas, radios and connectivity equipment positioned at the tops of the poles, above the heads of pedestrians. The challenge to creating a streamlined presentation instead of ugly and incongruent numerous exposed equipment enclosures has been met in part with Raycap’s combination AC disconnect enclosures. These streamlined enclosures combine equipment that would have been in disparate boxes and present no hazard to utility crews who are working around them. They enable a standardized presentation that can be utilized effectively by utilities in many regions.

The typical installation of multiple boxes and interconnection between them is unsightly and can prove dangerous for utility workers. The use of the combination disconnect enclosures solves this issue while also providing a streamlined access to power which is typically underground in urban environments. The enclosure allows for power connections to be run to the base of the enclosure instead of being snaked through or around it.  The enclosure will house the AC power connection and AC power meter which can be easily read by the utility. This meter then connects to an AC disconnect of main breaker. This connection allows for the electrical flow to be easily disconnected when service or repair is necessary. The AC disconnect combo product can manage multiple radios each operating at different 5G bands.

The combination meter and disconnect enclosure from Raycap eliminates the mess that exists within small sell sites with regard to independent power management. Through the use of a standard unit and disconnect, the wires and boxes that would typically clutter up lighting poles and buildings can be presented in an elegant streamlined way.  The enclosures are able to be painted in order to be more harmonious with the pole or building on which they are mounted.  The power run to the box eliminates the exposed wiring that further clutters many installations, ultimately helping to create a 5G small cell site that is not dangerous or unsightly.