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5G rollouts in the Covid-19 era – read the report

Our new Raycap 5G Small Cell Deployment Update is now available.

To prepare it, we surveyed media coverage over the last six months, since when Covid-19 crisis began. Drawing from dozens of articles, we identified new attitudes and trends about 5G services among municipalities, utilities, wireless service providers and consumers. Read the report to understand developments like these:

  • How Covid-19 is affecting 5G adoption and rollouts
  • The impact of recent rulings on the 2018 FCC decision
  • New techniques for deploying 5G on existing wireless sites
  • Ongoing debates about the visual impact of small cells

We hope this information is useful for making 5G a success in your municipality. Feel free to contact Raycap (below) if you have any questions.

Download the Raycap 5G Small Cell Deployment Update for Q3, 2020.

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