Your Solar Power Generator Needs PV Surge Protection

Your Solar Power Generator Needs PV Surge Protection

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Photovoltaic (PV) surge protection is critical to the ongoing operations of your solar power generator or solar power production system.  The production of electricity using solar methods has grown significantly over the last decade, and is being utilized by both industrial producers as well as home consumers.  The systems are made up of control equipment that is connected to solar panels which are installed in regions exposed to the sun.  Generally, your solar panels will be ideally situated in a completely unobstructed area where sunlight will be able to be collected and harvested as much as possible.  Because of the need to utilize as much exposure as possible in order to create the most efficient system for power production, the solar panels themselves are at risk.  Because of their physical makeup of being flat and large, and their installation being in regions that do not provide much as far as obstruction, they usually take up the most square footage of any other structure in that area or are on top of homes and buildings.  Basic science tells us that lightning is attracted to the tallest structures which are connected to the ground in a region.  Unfortunately, in this situation that structure is either your solar panels on the roof or something that your solar panels are connected to.  This makes them a prime target for lightning strikes, however the replacement of solar panels that are damaged by lightning strikes does not usually make up most costs associated with operation.  The damage that makes up the largest costs is usually seen to the control equipment which is connected via power lines to the panels themselves.  This control equipment can be located long distances from the panels themselves, but a strike directly to the panels or within the surrounding area can cause a substantial power surge to travel along those power lines and ultimately overwhelm the sensitive equipment that is used to control the system.  Within the residential solar installations, one of the most common causes of damage is a failure to properly ground this system to the earth.  Because many areas of the country do not provide the best ground in opportunities, many residential system operators will fail to provide proper grounding.  Another significant cause of damage is the failure to install additional PV surge protection devices along the power lines themselves.  The system has the ability to operate without this additional equipment installation but operates at the risk of power surge damage at all times.  Owners who do not provide the adequate surge protection devices installed along the power lines or at the inverter will many times lose equipment to lightning strikes that happen even in adjacent areas. If this is as a result of cost or as a result of inadequate surge protection device construction, the ultimate cost is the loss of the equipment and the necessary repairs to get the system back online and producing power.  Anyone operating a solar power generating system should always invest in the most technologically advanced surge protection devices available in order to protect their investment.  Raycap provides the most technologically advanced PV surge protection devices on the market today.

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