Uniquely Engineered Industrial Surge Protection

Uniquely Engineered Industrial Surge Protection

At Raycap, we have a singular focus on Uniquely Engineered Industrial Surge Protection, and our hundreds of designers and engineers continue to evolve our SPD technology for our customers.

As a highly integrated vertical manufacturer in the surge protection industry—owning our factories as well as developing and producing our components for the design of surge protection systems—we can engineer unique solutions tailored to our customer’s needs.

Yes, we deliver products, but more than this, we are a source of innovation for our customers. We develop, design, and produce bespoke products for them because that is our area of expertise. This frees our customers to focus on their core businesses, knowing that their surge protection solutions will be the best in the industry.

SPD Uniquely Engineered Industrial Surge Protection
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Automated Systems in Industrial/Commercial Facilities Demand Better Surge Protection 

In industrial and commercial settings, transients are more common than residences, and the resulting interruptions in operations and the damage to equipment have quantifiable and often substantial costs. 

Fortunately, it is easy to install adequate levels of surge protection. 

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