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Problem Facing EV Cars

The Problem Facing EV Cars

The Problem Facing EV Cars (electric cars) is manufacturers in 2022 aren’t convincing people that electric vehicle (EV) cars are viable forms of transportation. In the past, EV cars were viewed as a novelty. They were owned primarily by conservationists willing to forsake the power, comfort, and luxury that gas-powered cars provided. Tesla as a brand changed the general opinion that the public had towards EV cars, producing a product that was both luxurious and powerful and therefore appealing to a market that was less concerned with conservation. Tesla, as an alternative to gas-powered cars, was viewed as an upgrade, instead of an underpowered vehicle only able to be driven short distances. It eventually became a superior experience, solidifying the brand and EV cars in general as being more than a novelty.

The EV car market still faces challenges. As more manufacturers make either a fully electric or hybrid model of their cars, we find an increasing demand for one of the issues that Tesla already solved, but only for their customers. Tesla also developed a network of charging stations capable of fully charging a Tesla in less than 30 minutes. The nationwide network of universal chargers still takes several hours and needs to be upgraded to a “level 3” charger to deliver the same experience Tesla owners have. Without the ability of each manufacturer to independently create a network of their chargers, this rollout depends on gas station operators to install chargers into their footprints, and these upgrades can cost upwards of 250,000 dollars. Without a more significant percentage of the population driving and buying electric cars, there is a hesitation on their part to make this investment.

The US government is attempting to speed up the rollout of this universal network by offering tax incentives to operators who invest. In addition to this benefit, the private sector is developing new ways to make the stations more profitable and more attractive. This is taking place through the integration of high tech surge protection devices. Through these integrations, the risks associated with operation are reduced, in the form of reduced damage resulting from power surges and lightning strikes. By allowing the equipment to operate more efficiently and for more extended periods without repair or maintenance, the independent owners can more safely make the investments needed to make money from this growing market. Furthermore, they can do so in a way that The world needs to move over to electric vehicles eventually as fossil fuels reduce, but the growing interest in EV cars in general is helping to speed this process up. We can finally see the transition happening before our eyes through the government’s cooperation, gas station owners, and the private sector developing better technologies like EV surge protection.