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The Need For Industrial Surge Protection

Today’s industrial and professional systems in place within industrial businesses depend upon microprocessors and other forms of sensitive electronic equipment.  This means that nearly every aspect of our lives is more dependent upon having higher levels of protection from electrical surges than ever.  The logic controls and embedded microprocessors, as well as computers and other devices all utilize electronic circuitry in the automation process.  Motor speed and machine programming as well as tool changes within the sophisticated manufacturing systems of today’s industrial businesses are especially vulnerable to voltage transients caused within the system.  Power surges wreak havoc on processes causing high cost interruptions and catastrophic failures, as well as creating premature aging of computerized equipment.  By using industrial surge protection devices, industrial processes and manufacturers can mitigate the ongoing problems and disruptions caused by surge events.

There are multiple types of surge events which are externally generated, ranging from transformer failures to lightning strikes and downed trees on power lines.  These problems present themselves at random times over and above the damage that is caused internally by equipment in the network.  Overvoltage events that are created by the utilities themselves as well as power fluctuations which are created by machinery operating in other areas of the same facility will all have an adverse effect on both the machinery and processes themselves, as well as the productivity.  Facility-wide surge protection must be in place at all stages of the electrical distribution system, ranging from single-phase loads all the way to the electrical service entrance.  Only industrial grade surge protection devices are acceptable solutions to mitigating the issues created by these surge events.

Lightning strikes can happen either directly to the equipment or locally to the power lines which are connected to the equipment operating inside of the facility.  The direct strike is a rare occurrence but will cause extensive damage if not properly protected against.  Direct lightning strikes on high voltage lines as well as other metallic structures are mitigated using grounding air terminals and shielding above the structures.  This type of protection does not remove the risks associated with lightning surge damage which happens down line, nor does it helped to reduce the severity of damage when it does happen.  Local strikes damage equipment by creating the massive power surge which then uses power lines to enter into buildings and overwhelm equipment downstream.  Equipment damage of this type can happen as a result of lightning strikes that occurred not only outside of the facility but miles away.  Therefore surge protection devices should be installed as close to the equipment as possible for optimal operation.  There are many different types of events which can create power surges, all having the same types of damaging effects on the systems that are relied upon within any businesses.  Through the installation of technologically advanced surge protection devices which are manufactured to handle industrial grade loads, business can maintain a more stable schedule as well see equipment life span extension.