The Basics Of Industrial Surge Protection

The Basics Of Industrial Surge Protection

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Surge protection devices are one of the most commonly misunderstood products..  This is because if they are doing their job appropriately, they are rarely interacted with, and ultimately get forgotten about.  A surge protection device sits out of sight and out of mind until the very time when it is called upon to do its job.  Because regulated flows of electricity into people’s homes or offices are relatively stable, the minor fluctuations that are received throughout the day are generally not enough to trip the surge protection devices that computer or other equipment is plugged into.  Every now and then there may be a surge that shuts off breakers or trips these surge protection devices, and most people will simply shrug it off and reset the SPD to go on about their daily life.  We take it for granted so much that we probably aren’t even thinking about what just happened, and ultimately how much impact on our lives was just avoided.  Think about it like this, in a power surge happened that was not headed off by a surge protection device, there is a good chance that the circuitry inside of your computer would be damaged.  This would mean a loss of any work or files that were not backed up somewhere else, as well as however much money it would take to either fix the computer or buy a new one.  The simple surge protection device, that you forget was even there, was able to stop this tremendous amount of inconvenience and loss from happening every time that it does its job.  For the remaining time it is sitting dormant, and because of the lengthy periods of time in between surges you may begin to think that you can go without it.  Unfortunately, this is a lesson that is often learned the hard way many times every day.

Industrial surge protection works the same way as residential surge protection, at least from a conceptual standpoint.  The devices that are used for industrial surge protection are far more robust and technologically advanced than anything that you would have in your home, but the basic function of either cutting off or diverting the flow of electricity that is outside of a safe range is still the main function.  The main difference between industrial surge protection and residential surge protection is the value of the equipment that is being protected and the critical nature of that equipment staying operational.  If your home computer gets knocked off line is an inconvenience, but if a system that provides functionality and is relied on by many people or businesses gets knocked off line, the outcome can be far more grave.  On the industrial level, losses from a single power surge incident can be in the millions of dollars in damage or lost business, and industrial companies will generally realize the gravity of this situation.  Therefore emphasis on the industrial side is assigned to the more technologically advanced surge protection devices.  The better the surge protection, the better our lives are.

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