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Surge Suppressors

Protection of the sensitive equipment involved in the routine operations of industrial sites is paramount in order to avoid costly repairs, replacement delays and crucial data loss.  The fragile circuitry that functions within that equipment not only keeps the larger machinery online and functioning correctly, but also prevents even greater losses due to potential damage to less sensitive equipment through malfunction.  In essence, the computers, microprocessors and circuit-driven devices are the heart of the industrial site, and they must be protected against damage of any kind in order to ensure smooth operations.  Aside from the obvious potentials of theft and natural disasters, electrical overvoltage and power surges are the largest threat to the operations of most industrial sites, and unfortunately this fact is not understood by all owners and managers until it is too late and an accident has occurred.  Raycap is in the business of preventing accidents through surge suppression protection, and protection of your installation against these threats is our number one priority.

The National Electrical Code suggests a tiered approach to surge suppression, and a completely protected “in-building” installation will involve the combination of different specific types of devices at varying positions, which will diminish or divert the flow of electricity, and leverage the diminishment of that current over distance. The placement of high capacity surge AC suppression devices nearest to service entrances combined with additional branch panel installations and downstream, in-line devices provides the highest level of protection as residual overvoltage transients are able to be effectively suppressed even after the initial device is reached. In the cases of large surges, this may prove to be crucial. Lightning strikes to power lines as well as coupled strikes to structures have the potential of producing surges far beyond the capacity of most single protective devices, making it prudent to utilize the tiered approach to insure a continual level flow of electricity at all times, under all conditions.  This will prevent costly damage as well as the costs associated with equipment going offline.

Switching errors or the transient disturbance produced during the startup or shutdown phases of equipment, even if brief and temporary can degrade circuitry and shorten the lifespan of industrial machinery. Ensuring the extension of industrial production machines to their full lifespan involves the continual monitoring of the level of power flow against switching overvoltage, and the effective suppression of the transients generated by overvoltages due to lightning strikes, couplings, switching surges or temporary overvoltages.

Raycap’s Strikesorb technology is considered the finest industrial surge suppression equipment in the world, and is utilized globally within hundreds of varieties of applications.  Our long history of providing innovative solutions to the issues of electrical overvoltage have made us one of the most respected names in the industry, and trusted by thousands of companies worldwide.  Contact us today to learn more about our products.