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Surge Protection Systems Help Industrial Businesses Stay Productive

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You may think that the damage that is caused by lightning strike to an industrial business will be seen in the form of fire or explosion at the point where the lightning hits something. In reality, damage that is significant is rarely seen in this form due the fact that most businesses will provide overhead shielding or other forms of protection positioned above the structures.  These protection forms attract the lightning to strike them instead of the structures that they are positioned above.  This will allow for the effective mitigation of the surge is associated with a lightning strike, as well as draw the damage associated with the strike itself to be localized.  Unfortunately, the majority of damage that is reported by industrial businesses as a result of lightning strikes is seen as degradation or complete destruction of the equipment used in the process caused by the resulting power surge.  Lightning is not the only culprit with regards to the production of damaging electrical surges.  These can also be found as a result of grid switching and internally generated overvoltage events.  The operation of equipment within the same space has the ability to create power fluctuations throughout the entire location.  These can cause immediate and large scale damage as well as cause degradation which ultimately shortens the life span of the equipment.  The embedded microprocessors and programmable logic controls as well as other circuitry that is utilized to control nearly every aspect of modern equipment is all highly susceptible to damage as a result of power surges.  Additional losses can be found in the form of outages that are created when systems are knocked off line by one or several pieces of equipment failing.  This is why the best protection against lightning and power surge-related damage is the installation of technologically advanced industrial surge protection equipment all the way from the electrical service entrance to the equipment itself.  Electronics equipment is generally in communication with one another and as well share the same power sources.  Lightning strikes and large-scale power surges can easily couple into these connectivity lines and flow along them effectively.  This gives the power surge the ability to damage equipment that is located great distances from the actual strike point.  Businesses must be vigilant to map out any potential entrance point where a power surge can enter the system, and provide redundant surge protection equipment along these pathways.  Only through this type of on the ground and in the system surge protection as well as the overhead lighting diversion systems can businesses mitigate both the damage that is produced as well as the losses that are seen through outages.  The costs associated with the installation of  advanced surge protection devices and lightning diversion systems is easily recaptured through the avoidance of the losses that are seen whenever the inevitable lightning strike happens.  There is no way to predict when and where the power surge will come from, so we must predict them all.