Surge Protection Of EV Charging Stations

Surge Protection Of EV Charging Stations

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Surge protection of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations is integral to the growth of this  industry.  This is because the lack of available charging stations nationwide in the United States has led to a slower adoption of electric vehicle ownership by the public, and the public has shied away from electric vehicle ownership because of the lack available charging stations and other factors.  This vicious circle has proven to be a hinderance to the wider spread growth of the industry, ultimately resulting in slower than hoped for results with regards to reversing carbon emissions.  There are 17,000,000 new cars sold every year in the United States, and only 2% of that total is represented by vehicles that are either fully electric or hybrid gas and electric.  In order to create a climate where electric vehicle ownership is more widespread, government interaction which will incentivize both private ownership as well as business development of the different aspects of the industry has been necessary.  Where profitability of a new electric vehicle charging station is difficult, the government will begin to subsidize with tax benefits and other incentive programs.  This move is designed to push private industry further with regards to development of the goal of 500,000 electric vehicle charging stations in the United States by 2030.  To have this goal be achieved, it is assumed that far more vehicle owners will choose the electric over gas.  The installation cost of a new level three charger can be upwards of $260,000, and even though these advanced chargers can deliver a charge in as little as 10 minutes, they are few and far between in the United States.  There are only 5000 fast chargers of the 41,400 electric vehicle charging stations in the US, compared to more than 135,000 gas stations.  This has been one of the major hurdles which has been identified by the government.  A proposed two trillion dollar infrastructure bill addresses what the US government can do to help.  It is up to private industry to do the rest in order to move the country forward with electric vehicle ownership.

One company that is doing its part is Raycap. It has developed a technologically advanced line of surge protection devices for use in protecting electric vehicle charging stations from damage caused by lightning surges.  Through the integration of more robust surge protection devices into the footprint of a high-powered charging stations, the ongoing costs of operation can be reduced significantly, thus extending the lifetimes of the chargers.  Because one of the main costs associated with this industry is ongoing maintenance of equipment as a result of lightning strikes, power surges and other weather related events, a wider footprint of high-powered charging stations brings greater risk of damage as a result of lightning strikes. Only through better methods of avoidance of damage can operational costs be reduced.  Through their products, Raycap expects to help a large number of electric vehicle charging station operators to bring down the ongoing costs associated with the industry, ultimately resulting in more stations being built and longer lived stations.  The electric vehicle market is still emerging, and through private and public sector cooperation we can achieve that goal of 500,000 chargers by 2030.

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