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Surge Protection For Green Technology

Green technologies are changing the world, essentially by making electricity more available to consumers while impacting the environment less. The general discussion points around green technology is its ability to generate the same power products without the necessity of burning fossil fuels in order to accomplish that task. This reduces the amount of pollutants that impact our bodies and the environment, while allowing us to turn the lights on and off without noticing any difference. There is no “better electricity” that is being manufactured using green technology, and instead the improvement to the world is that it being created in a cleaner way. This has caused much debate in society, as some people see the importance of cleaner production methods while others do not see it as being an issue. The main argument between the two groups is that the cleaner products generally come at a higher production cost, and most people who do not see the older methods as problematic are not willing to pay more for a cleaner method. Few are trying to argue that the burning of fossil fuels is superior in that it is cleaner, and instead they argue its superiority based on cost. If they cannot directly see the impact to the environment, they feel they cannot justify the cost.


What if green technologies could produce a product that was not only cleaner but also cheaper? It stands to reason that since the main argument against the further development of green production methods is the increased costs, that if those costs were driven down then support would be found on both sides. This is coming closer to becoming reality as the industries age and evolve, and as new equipment that is more efficient is being integrated. Those that oppose the green energy movement will attempt to block these technological evolutions through marketing and political means, but the private industries are essentially making their own way without support due simply to the promise of a better and cheaper product. Government funding for research might not be there in many cases, but that only slows the development of technology, and never stops it.


One of the biggest improvements to new energy system functionality is the integration of superior surge protection devices. The physical make-up of solar fields, wind farms and hydro-electric plants make them targets for lightning strikes. The damage caused by a lightning strike is not isolated to the strike point itself, and instead it also extends to equipment that is connected to the effected point through cables, wires and structural attachments. Integration of improved industrial surge protection devices reduces the amounts of damage that is absorbed beyond the strike point itself, and while it is nearly impossible to end lightning strikes it is very possible to isolate their damage. Through reductions of damage through out the systems themselves, the operational costs are being dramatically reduced. Very soon, we will live in a world where green technologies produce power both cleaner and cheaper than fossil fuels. When that day comes, there is no longer a valid debate for the antiquated methods.