Street Furniture Is Part Of The Protection Process

Street Furniture Is Part Of The Protection Process

Companies which specialize in the protection of equipment that is used in a variety of commercial industries must take into consideration not only the types of damage that they specifically provide protection against, but also the type of damage that can occur from a wide variety of sources.  Therefore companies like Raycap who specialize in electrical protection devices can also be in the business of producing street furniture or electrical cabinets.  These are specifically designed enclosures that help equipment that must be positioned in the field to function as long as possible without damage or outage.  Equipment which is positioned in vulnerable areas is always expected to have a shorter lifespan than that of equipment which can be fully protected inside of a building, and the integration of street furniture assists in the process of extending the lifespan of that equipment.  When used in conjunction with other protection devices like surge protective devices (SPDs), equipment in the field can have an extended lifespan beyond that which is unprotected.  There are many industries which must position equipment at street level and ultimately at risk in order to maintain their operations, and while much of the protections for us this is highly technical, street cabinets are also a critical part of this process.  While they may be constructed to be more tough than technological, they are also necessary to protect and maintain the usefulness of the equipment which lives inside.  All of the surge protection equipment in the world cannot prevent damage from vandalism or rodents, and these are just two potential sources of damage that street furniture equipment makers must take into consideration.

One of the most obvious aspects of a street cabinet that must be taken into consideration that it should be resistive to electricity due to the materials from which it is constructed.  These structures are targets for lightning strikes which produce large scale electrical surges.  If the surge that follows a lightning strike is allowed to couple into the materials from which the cabinet is constructed, then the internal equipment which is mounted to the cabinet can be adversely impacted by the electrical surge.  This is why street cabinets are generally constructed of double wall aluminum, or some other source of material that does not conduct electricity effectively.  The air exchange between the inside and outside of street furniture is also of utmost importance, because the equipment inside is producing heat.  When being run in an enclosed environment, machinery tends to overheat if it is not able to be cooled effectively through an air exchange.  These points as well as the areas where cables enter the street cabinet are two points that are often targeted by both animals and vandals in order to gain entrance.  In addition to providing an area where moisture can enter the cabinet these potential weak points are specifically dealt with using custom grommets and sealers that will prevent entry into a cabinet from the outside.  All these potential sources of damage as well as others are taken into consideration with regard to the installation of a piece of street furniture.  These are not simple cabinets, but well-engineered pieces of equipment that plays a crucial role in the protection of the equipment that makes our modern lives better.

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