Street Cabinets For Equipment Protection

Street Cabinets For Equipment Protection

Information technology is the force behind industrial control and distribution equipment used in the telecommunications or energy industries, and improving system functionality and protecting the investment is of primary importance, especially when it comes to sensitive systems. While “computer issues” are always a concern in any business, there are ways that sensitive systems can be protected from elements and the dangers and expenses associated with downtime.  One example of this is the advanced “street cabinet,” which is essentially a reinforced box with heat dissipation capabilities and protection from small creatures or rodents. It is within which this environment that outside telecom or utility equipment can be placed in order to be protected.  Street cabinets are generally used where it is necessary to place expensive and sensitive equipment — used in a process either at street level or in public spaces — into an environment where it is protected from exposure to potentially damaging circumstances.  These cabinets can be manufactured from a variety of materials and can come in a variety of forms, but the general purpose is the same, to protect the sensitive equipment that is inside while allowing it to function properly.

Advanced street cabinets manufactured by Raycap provide the necessary protection to computerized or electrical equipment placed in public spaces that could be damaged due to this placement.  This damage will generally occur through a variety of situations ranging from being struck by lightning to rodent infestation, or vandalism, and as a result they must be tough enough to withstand penetration from a number of causes.  If a cabinet were to be struck by lightning and it was made from a protective material that could conduct electricity, it would almost certainly assure the destruction of all equipment inside.  For this reason, Raycap street cabinets are constructed of high strength aluminum and plastic materials that will not enable the surge produced by a lightning strike to couple into attachments or connection points.  The points where wiring must exit the cabinets are reinforced through specialized grommets or other sealing devices in order to minimize the exposure points that would allow for moisture and air leak, both of which can have devastating effects on running equipment.  At the same time, ventilation systems are integrated that will allow for air transfer in order to prevent overheating of equipment due to the enclosed and sealed nature of the structure.  A balance between climate control internally and protection externally is the best defense that industry has to protect their investments in the field.  Raycap is a leader in manufacturing the technologically advanced cabinets necessary to provide that protection.

Raycap’s street cabinets have been the choice of leading industry decision makers for years, and are the logical choice for those tasked with extending the useful life span of equipment used in numerous industries.  The reduction of expense with regard to operations is one of the most important tasks that must be attended to in order to maintain profitability as well as online status.  Raycap is dedicated to providing its customers with the most advanced solutions available, ranging from integrated surge protection devices to the cabinets that hold the computers.  Contact a representative today to find out more.

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